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Worship in the Parish, Summer Term, and more

Worship in the Parish

By Nicole Hunter

Photo: Merrick Whitson

Dear Trinity, In First Corinthians, Paul calls believers “those sanctified in Christ and called to be holy, together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Let that sink in for a minute… “those sanctified in Christ… together… with all those everywhere… who call on Jesus”. Paul goes on to exhort the Corinthians to be unified with all believers, no matter who their teacher is. Their real teacher is Jesus! Worship in the Parish Sunday is just around the corner. The Sunday after this one, on July 2nd, with our pastors being away, we will practice being taught by Jesus as we step outside of our little Trinity Church in order to worship with other believers all across our valley. This yearly tradition helps us remember that we, on the corner of Okanogan and Peachey, are just a small part of the large community of those who call on His name. Our worship is just one expression among manyof the worship happening all around us. I wonder what church you will go to. I wonder who you will come face to face with and how you will see God moving in different ways than we see at Trinity. I wonder how Jesus will teach us as we practice being together with all those everywhere who call on His name. And, I look forward to us being back together in our little Trinity church, where we can share about how and what Jesus taught us outside our walls. See you on the 9th! Hoping in Him, Nicole P.S. - Carson mentioned on Sunday that Charlie and Brenda Atkinson will be attending the ACNA Provincial Gathering this week in Texas, representing our Diocese (Rocky Mountains). You can livestream different sessions here! The gathering is taking place Wednesday evening, June 21st through Friday, June 23rd at Christ Church Plano.


Updated Summer Flyer


Summer Term Sunday School

July 9 - August 20

This summer children ages 4 - 9 will be invited to meet in the Fireside Room downstairs during the sermon to learn about the Apostles Creed. I am looking forward to this time with all the children to remember the basics of our faith. I need a few parent volunteers to help each week. Please sign up below:


Reflections on My Confirmation Journey

By Chris Millheisler

Somewhere along the path of my spiritual formation, I picked up the idea that God’s utmost concern is His own glory. Everything He did, or didn’t do, was to magnify His own greatness. And rightfully so, for He is the most glorious of all.

Why does suffering exist in the world? So God can rescue, redeem, and reveal His glory. Why did Jesus die on the cross and rise again? Because this would bring God the greatest glory. Why does God create? To display His glory. Why do some embrace faith in Christ while others don't? Well, whatever that intricate mix may be, it is the mix that will bring Him the most glory. Every action He takes is orchestrated to maximize the glory bestowed upon Him.

If it were anyone else, this would be an incredibly arrogant and asinine way to live. But because God is the most glorious one, it would be wrong for Him not to act this way. I recall a common prayer from my college days that went something like, “It’s not about us, God, it’s all about You.”

I don’t want to give the impression that the notion of “God’s Glory” consumed my thoughts day and night. It was simply an idea I picked up along the way—that God is primarily motivated by what brings Him the most glory. And aren't we fortunate that the things that bring Him the most glory also bring us the greatest good? As I express these thoughts, I sense an element of truth here. But maybe like most things, when we attempt to reduce an aspect of something to the main thing, unintended effects can arise.

One question asked during the confirmation process challenged this notion. “Why did God create?” One person suggested that God was lonely. “Did your parents have you because they were lonely? No, you came into existence out of the abundance of their love. God's act of creating children is an overflow of love within the Trinity, much like how love within a marriage overflows and leads to children."

At the time, I didn’t offer my answer. But in my mind, I responded, “Why did God create?"

“Because it brings Him the most glory.” And I imagine the response would have been something like this: "Did you have children to showcase your glory? Is your primary concern for your children to bring you glory? That would be a terrible way to parent!"

Parents have children out of an abundance of love. God's motivation to create stemmed from overflowing love. His desire for children flowed from the abundant love within the Trinity. As Father Matt often explains, while the ancient world claimed, "The gods need slaves," God exclaimed, "I want kids!" While masters require slaves to bring them glory, parents desire children whom they can love.

This shift in posture, the realization that God creates, acts, and moves primarily out of overflowing love is freeing me to be more gracious towards myself and towards my family. I am learning that my primary purpose may not be to bring God glory, but rather to be loved by God. Surprising to me, this posture doesn't puff my ego but humbles me to extend grace, first to myself and then to those closest to me.

I love the idea that Jesus did nothing without the words of his Father ringing in His ears, “You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” Father, help us to live likewise.


Julie Canlis' Article Series

Last year, Julie Canlis gave several “liturgical pop-ups” throughout the year as we walked through the Christian Calendar from Advent to Christmas, Epiphany to Lent, and beyond. If you missed these talks, or simply want to learn more about the church calendar and why we observe it, Julie is currently writing a monthly article for the Archbishop of Canterbury in a new publication called “Seen & Unseen.” Here’s the next installment...


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email carson@trinitywenatchee.orgfor us to review before posting.

  • From Hannah Pick: Hello parish! I am the director of Mountain Sprouts Children's Community, a nature-based program in Leavenworth. I'm excited to let you know that we have a few spots left in our 1/2 day summer camp for 3-5 year old kids. Camp is from 9am - 12pm at Waterfront Park in downtown Leavenworth. Week 1: Flora & Fauna's Riverside Adventure runs July 3 - 6 and Week 3: Silhouettes, Swishes and Splatters, runs August 14 - 17. For more information or to register, visit our website: or email me We also offer scholarships for camp tuition. Applications are available on our website.

  • From Andrew Drain: Lincoln (our almost 10 year-old), is starting the "50-yard challenge" where he has committed to mow yards for the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans for FREE. If you would benefit from this, or know someone that would… please contact me at (509) 607-0784 to coordinate a time for Lincoln to help with lawn care.


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