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Trinity Youth

Youth Discipleship Groups seek to be...

Face to face

with God, our neighbors, and ourselves in Christ.

Discipleship Groups 

Groups meet on Sundays (times & locations below)


Last Sunday of the month: Groups come together at Trinity for ...

                                                           Evensong, pizza, games, & discipleship




High School Boys

Leaders: Matt Canlis, Brad Gentry, 

Derek Klinge, Noah Porter

Group: 6:30-8pm @ Trinity


Junior High Boys (Grades 7-8)

Leaders: Jim Moore & Carson Leith

Group: 6:30-8pm @ Trinity


Upper Classmen Girls

Leader: Julie Canlis

Group: 5:30-7pm @ the Canlis home


Sophomore Girls

Leader: Nicole Hunter

Group: 6:30-8pm @ Trinity


Freshmen & Junior High Girls

Leader: Sarah Duffey

Group: 7-8:15pm @ the Duffey home

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