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A Note from Pastor Matt

Dear Pilgrim,

Welcome to Trinity. By visiting us on Sunday, you are choosing something counter-cultural which fewer folk are bothering to risk: going to church. Thank you for taking the risk. You are about to discover many traditions, histories, and Anglican idiosyncrasies that may need some storytelling, and your patience.

Trinity Church is a fellowship of prodigal sons and daughters who have learned to answer God's searching question, "Where are you?" with our own hearty "Here I am, in Christ!"


We practice being found by God each week in our work places, homes, and neighborhoods. On Sundays we practice being found by God in the "Gospel aerobics" at church by leaning into the liturgical dance of worship, confession, preaching, & feasting together at the Lord's table. His hospitality both brings us home, and sends us out into the world nourished and renewed.

I look forward to walking with you, 

Pastor Matt

What to Expect


In an Anglican service, you’ll find an ancient liturgy in a modern setting – 4th century prayers being recited by young and old together, 8th century songs being sung, 16th century theology guiding our words, 21st century art, and this week’s freshly baked bread being offered for everyone at communion.


You may not know the words at first (don’t worry - everything is provided for you on powerpoint) but after a few weeks, you might just find the rhythm liberating!


All of this is because we want to attend to the gospel in its many forms – the Scriptures, the Sermon, the Prayers, Communion, Art, Music, and one another.

Nursery is offered during both services during the sermon.

Sunday School

4V9A3044 (2).JPG

We have Sunday school during second service.

During the 9:45am service, we have multiple classes for children to attend.


We introduce our PK - 4th grade children to Jesus using Godly Play, an experience with Scripture that honors children’s deep capacity for Jesus. Using Montessori insights, we invite children to discover God for themselves through the Biblical stories.


Our trained storytellers walk the children through the grand overarching narrative of the Old and New Testament (around 40 stories), alternating each year. Children respond each Sunday to the stories through "I wonder" questions and unstructured art sessions (oil pastel, watercolor, clay), acting, or re-playing the story and working with the wooden story figures on their own. Their session closes with prayer and a feast.


The 4th through 6th graders meet during this time for Beatitude Kids to talk about how their Christian faith intersects with Scripture and issues of justice.

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