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  • Carson Leith

He Is Risen!

Trinity's Easter Flower Cross. Taken by Nikki Fritz

Dear Trinity,

Christ is risen!

For the next 50 days, we celebrate and lean into how Jesus' death and resurrection changes everything.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to pick up a new Easter prayer booklet (you can find them in the Narthex). These booklets will not only help you pray into the particulars of this season, but it'll also help you give you some hints for what we'll preach on each Sunday.

Scroll down to see what's coming up in Eastertide!


p.s. - are you new to Trinity? We'll have a Newcomer's Dinner in May to help you get more connected to our church. Stay tuned for more details.


Empowered Awareness with Food and Body

Sunday, April 14 - 11:15am-1pm

Dear Trinity

Since we're talking about sex and other taboo topics, we thought we might as well bring EATING and BODY into the mix!

As the mother of three daughters, as each of them began the long (wonderful) journey through middle school and into high school, I became aware that I was out of my depth in answering their worries about bodies ("your body is great!"), shapes ("your body doesn't look like anyone else's"), sizes ("um ... you are just right?"), snacking ("yes - but not too much - nor to little" - help!), exercise ("it's good ... right? but what is your motivation? how will you know?" I don't know!). Add onto this complexity that the new "diet" craze masks itself under the healthy-yoga-succulent-plant-vegan-lulu-lemon-loving aesthetic, I was going bonkers actually being able to accompany my daughters through this phase of the journey.

I STILL don't know what I'm doing, but I've met someone who does - and she has offered to help guide NOT just daughters and mothers, but ALL of us, humans, together. Jill Gentry is hosting an informative after-church session introducing us to the concept of "intuitive eating" where we actually get to trust our bodies to help guide us (rather than distrust our bodies, as we've learned).

As embodied people, working out our salvation in and only in these very same bodies, let's learn how to stop disparaging the good things that God has given us to reside in for 50? 70? 100 years? Jesus also had a body. They are important - wonderful - absolute gift. As only Chesterton can say: "The mere pursuit of health always leads to something unhealthy. Physical nature must not be made the direct object of obedience; it must be enjoyed, not worshipped." Let's learn to enjoy our bodies, rather than worship or disparage them, and be grateful for the gift that they are. Let's let Jill Gentry gently lead us - see you on the 14th!



George MacDonald Book Club

Keep reading for the next George MacDonald book club - last Sunday of April after Evensong! (April 28th)

We are all reading through Sir Gibbie (the David Jack Scots-English version is best) or listening to the free Librivox recording. 

We will meet immediately after Evensong at the Canlis house (3385 Number 1 Canyon Road - park in the cul-de-sac please), at 6:45pm with Scottish treats (and drinks). We will share our favorite moments and quotes. 

How was this brief description of Donal (“he loved the lovely, nor loved it only, but turned towards it with desire to become like it") or of Fergus (“he was not in love with loveliness, but in love with praise")? Ouch. Or how many of us see ourselves in Mrs Sclater ("They always retained a certain simplicity which she called childishness. It came in fact of childlikeness, but the lady was not child enough to distinguish the difference")? Or of myself ("There is no forgetting of ourselves but in the finding of our deeper, our true self—God’s idea of us when he devised us—the Christ in us. Nothing but that self can displace the false, greedy, whining self, of which, most of us are so fond and proud. And that self no man can find for himself; seeing of himself he does not even know what to search for"). 

I hope you are loving these reflections as I am. And if you aren't, come and let us know why!



Upcoming Small Groups

Anglican Discovery

Learn in community with Nate Kellogg about how our Anglican tradition helps us step into the life of Jesus to serve His good world.

Confirmation Cohorts

Join a 4-week cohort with Pastor Matt to better understand your baptism in Christ, as well as publicly confirm your faith in God.


Bulletin Board

  • Sara Solano is looking for a place to rent. Preferably 2 bedrooms in Wenatchee. Bonus if there’s lots of sunlight and privacy/second floor. Connect with her at 509-860-6033.


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