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Last Chance Church Camp + Jami's Story

Like the Baptism? You'll Love Church Camp

Wasn't it great to be together last Sunday? We were outdoors, enjoying creation, worshipping, playing in the river, and sharing a meal together.

That's just a taste of what Church Camp is like!

No matter where you're at on your journey in our church, the weekend at camp is a great way to deepen existing relationships, create new ones, and be refreshed by a different pace and change of scenery.

It's gorgeous out there. We can't wait for you to see it...

There's just 3 days left to register. Jump on it, friends!


Godly Play Summer Update

See what the kids have been up to this Summer by reading the letter below.


This Sunday: Hear Jami Campbell's Story

Dear Trinity,

I (Jami Campbell) have some good news to share regarding a remote Native Alaskan Village I have a relationship with. The good news is that the Village of Klukwan now holds the deed to their church building after 120 years and I invite you to join me in celebrating by sending congratulatory cards.

Some back story: Before moving to Wenatchee I was a lay pastor in the Tlingit Village of Klukwan, and Jason my husband led worship. We first visited the village of Klukwan with a volunteer work team, in order to help prepare the JKHC Heritage Center for tourist season. Right away we had a miraculous connection with the people in the community. While on the work trip the church members asked if we would move to the Village to pastor the Klukwan Church. After taking time to pray and consider with our mentors, our pastors, and our family we excepted.

Our time in Klukwan was wonderful, as well as being very challenging. We learn firsthand about the Church’s mixed history in Klukwan. Despite some horrific missionization practices the people in the village met and loved God, and a church was built in 1903. They held their first service on Christmas morning. At that time the deed was written by the Christian denomination, and they took ownership.

However, now Klukwan is a sovereign nation, with the legal rights to pass laws and enforce them on their land.

One of the laws of the Chilkat Indian Village states that all buildings need to be owned by the Village. Even the public school is owned by the Village Government. The church was the last remaining building to not abide by the law. After finding this out, I took a bold step and asked the owning Christian denomination to give the deed back to the Klukwan people. In what felt like a miraculous decision the denomination agreed to give the deed back, suspecting they had not gained ownership of the deed legally. It took the cooperation of the Klukwan Church, the Village Government, and the gifting Christian denomination to make this transfer happen. Repatriating the building back to the people who had been stewarding it for the last 120 years.

Will you join me in celebrating? Their win is a win for all Christians who freely choose the gospel of life. You can join in by simply writing a congratulatory card to the Klukwan Church. I will be in the narthex to collect cards after church August 20th. I will also have supplies available for you to write something on the spot. These letters will be very encouraging for the Klukwan church.

This Deed repatriation lives out God's Reconciliation by:

  • Honoring the generations of people who have loved God in Klukwan and their continued dedication to God.

  • It allows Klukwan to freely choose to keep the church of their own volition.

  • Ownership of the building implies trust that native people are equal in the house of the Lord, having autonomy over their Christian faith.

Jason and I moved from Klukwan to Wenatchee in order to give them their pulpit back. Ideally, we believe a Native Person ought to pastor Native people whenever possible. And for me (Jami) that meant getting out of the way so God could bring someone new. We left a part of our heart in Klukwan, and plan to stay in relationship with the lifelong friends we’ve made in Klukwan.

Please join me in celebrating by contributing a congratulatory card.


Jami Campbell


Congregational Meeting

Sunday, August 20 @ 6pm (in Sanctuary)

Please mark your calendars for our congregational meeting, where you’ll learn about the latest with...

  • the building restoration project

  • upcoming events in the Fall

  • financial updates

  • and more!

There will also be a time for Q&A at the end...

Can't make it in person? Livestream here.


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email carson@trinitywenatchee.orgfor us to review before posting.

  • From Karli Poage: Our home in Malaga will be available for rent this September/October and we would love to be able to be flexible with the rent price in order to bless someone in the church who may need some short term housing. It is a single story, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house fully furnished. Equipped with baby and toddler gear as well if needed. Please reach out via phone 509-885-8329 or email

  • Ingalls Creek is hiring for two positions: Executive Assistant & Program Development Director. Check out the job descriptions by following the links above and contact Doug Waltar at for additional information.


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