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  • Carson Leith

Jon Guerra Concert Feb 25

Jon Guerra Concert Feb 25

Dear Trinity,

I (Carson) am so pleased to announce that we are hosting an evening of music and storytelling with Singer-Songwriter Jon Guerra on February 25th at 6pm, here at Trinity Church!

Opening the night will be a sung liturgy from our very own Evensong choir, followed by a few original songs of my own that I've been working on for an upcoming acoustic album.

If you're new to Jon's music, check out his Spotify playlist here. On February 25th, he'll play songs from his last two albums, "Ordinary Ways" and "Keeper of Days."

To speak personally, Jon's music is not only a delight to listen to -- it also helps settle me into a place where I can pray and wonder and let down my guard. We all need art that helps us access deeper realities. And Jon's music does that for me. I hope it does for you, too.

So ... here's the flow of the night:

February 25 Concert

6:00pm -   Evensong choir

6:15pm -   Carson Leith

6:30pm -  JON GUERRA

7:30pm -   optional Q&A with Jon (all welcome)


JON GUERRA is a Devotional Music Singer-Songwriter based in Austin, TX. Originally from Chicago, IL, Guerra began playing guitar and writing songs at a young age. In 2020, he independently released, “Keeper of Days.” Guerra began describing his style as “devotional music” - a term he coined to refer to his musical style - as “less Sunday morning worship music, and more Monday morning prayer music.”

His 2023 album, “Ordinary Ways,” was critically acclaimed and won Best Album of The Year at the Gospel Coalition’s yearly round up. His songs have been described as, “contemporary Psalms with the earnestness of George Herbert, the reverent doubt of R.S. Thomas, the piercing acuity of Christian Wiman, and the determined vulnerability of St. Augustine’s Confession.” (Fr. Zac Koons, Mockingbird Magazine) 

See you there,



Love Talks Tonight

Friday, January 19 @ 6:30

Something special happened in November at the talk about how to teach our kids about how they were made. Although we filmed the entire evening, it was such a sacred time that instead of releasing it on video, we want to do it again in person. 

So please come again to continue the conversation w/ Pastor Matt, or for the first time if you missed it on Friday, January 19th at 6:30pm.

If you're not able to come, or if you want more resources about sexuality, visit Christian Sexuality or Protect Young Eyes.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!


Trinity 101 Class

Trinity 101 Class

  • Last 3 Wednesdays in January @ 6-7:30pm

  • Why do we make being “face to face” and “in Christ” such a big deal?

  • How do liturgy and the church calendar help us practice the gospel?

  • What does it mean to be God’s child and a part of the priesthood of all believers?

Come to Trinity 101 where we will explore the pieces that make Trinity...Trinity.  And expect to have fun doing it!


St. Jude's Update

By Leah Dillman

Dear Trinity Family

January seems to be a time for reflection, doesn’t it?  Thinking about the triumphs and failures of the past year, considering the hopes and anxieties for the new.  Planning for changes in some areas and resting in things accomplished. If you need a little encouragement or want to contemplate a ‘win’ for 2023, read on for a report on our Christmas giving this year!

As you know, we have directed our Christmas giving to the families at St. Jude’s landing for the past 3 years now.  It all started with a desire to bless the folks in our parish and a realization that there were families living on the margins at St. Jude’s. We decided to take a leap of faith, asking the congregation to donate money for gift-cards instead of doing a giving tree or taking it upon ourselves to shop for individuals.  And it does take faith, doesn’t it, to give money, to let go of control, and trust that God is pleased with our open handed generosity because he is so generous? We’re all probably familiar with Luke 6:38, which says, “ Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Maybe you’ve heard this verse quoted as a hard-sell to get you to open your wallet with the promise that God will make you rich (an appeal to greed) or maybe as a threat that if you are stingy with your money God will punish you with scarcity (an appeal to fear).  But I hear this verse as an invitation to enter into the joy of giving with open hands, because that’s how God gives to us, and he delights to see his children partake in his nature. 

This year your generosity allowed us to give to all 16 of the families who were identified at St. Jude’s this year.  The social worker there told me the residents have reported that it was such a relief to them to be able to buy gifts for their children without the stress of having to choose between a joyful Christmas or paying the bills.  38 children in our parish were blessed with gifts, special food, and winter wear (what the families reported hoping to buy) and their parents were given the dignity of being able to provide for their families.  In addition to all of that, there was plenty of additional funds to continue to replenish church funds that the leadership team uses to help with needs that arise throughout the year for our Trinity family and for others in the parish.

Once again, I am so thankful to be a part of such a generous congregation, generous with time, generous with resources, generous care and compassion. Thank you all for reflecting Jesus to each other and our parish.  And blessings to you all in this new year as you watch God moving in your lives in hearts as we continue to grow together towards him.

Leah Dillman


Looking to Get Involved?

One great way to get involved at Trinity is by joining a volunteer team.  As the new year starts up, we are sharing some volunteer needs in the church and invite you to see if you and your giftings might be a good fit for any of the teams. Our vision is to have everyone participate in the life of the church by being on a team, using their gifts!

The first 6 months of everybody's journey at Trinity Church starts with learning to rest as God's beloved child. If you've passed that 6-month mark and aren't on a ministry team yet, we invite you to fill out the form below.  This will start a conversation around matching your gifts/desires with the church's needs.


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email for us to review before posting.


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