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Family Flourishing - Knowing Jesus in Doubt

Dearest Trinity Family,

It was so sweet to see you all at "church" on Sunday. Thank you for listening to "Knowing Jesus in Doubt" and wondering where we see Jesus in our lives today. 

Some of you said:

   - playing volleyball on the front lawn

   - during my quiet time on the couch

   - in the garden and creation

   - in the amazing medical community

   - at drive-thru church

   - in our family taking care of each other

   - in Jesus sharing our suffering during this Coronavirus and in an "unexpected peace"

Throughout the story about the disciple who has "doubt in his bones," Jesus says "Peace be with you" three times. We are invited to empathize with Thomas by remembering how everyone's minds were being "stretched, stretched, stretched to know Jesus in a new way." Jesus invites Thomas to touch his nail-scarred hands. Can we extend such mercy to others and even to ourselves? Thomas threw himself at Jesus' feet saying, "My Lord and my God." I wonder how we can show mercy to someone this week that might bring them to the feet of the Savior?As always, here's a few links:

  • UK Blessing - a beautiful chorus of worship leaders from over 65 churches and movements

  • Knowing Jesus in Doubt - the Godly Play story about Thomas that I shared at Drive-Thru church told by a lovely teacher from New Zealand (accent alert!)

  • Music for Kids - a 45 minute music program for "kids" with 10 classical songs and a brief lesson about them.

  • A Prayer for Healing - a prayer for healing from Covid-19

And finally, this tweet from author Kate Bowler about her six-year old son:

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