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Family Flourishing: Listening to Your Built-in Rhythms

My husband Marc at Ingalls Creek Trail July 2020

Dear Trinity Family,

Summer is here! In our 50's era house that means we break out our portable air conditioners and ask the question, "Why in the world did we buy a house with no AC?" But after living here 18 years we know the really hot weather only lasts a few months. We settle into a rhythm of rising early to open our home to the cool morning air. Around noon we close the windows, doors and draw the shades for the afternoon heat. At dusk we watch the sun set behind the hills enjoying the show and feeling a sense of relief. Nighttime invites us to lay on the cool grass to watch the stars dance as acrobatic bats fly overhead. Feeling the real presence of the sun and its power to direct our lives has been hard but good for us. We have to be faithful to our practices of morning, afternoon and evening. We talk about installing a heat pump (Marc is all in!) but for me, the daily practices remind me of God's invitation to rhythms that bring life and health. 

Lord, help me to daily open myself to your Spirit and Word, shut out the dangerous lies of the world, flesh and the devil, and rest in the promises of your faithfulness, generosity and love.

I wonder if there is something in your daily life that God might be using to draw you closer to Him in this season?

Have you visited Evensong yet? Last Saturday night, Will (a friend of Matt & Carson) invited us to consider freedom from John 8. He brought his London perspective (and accent) to our American ears.  Is freedom a reflection of our American ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How do these ideals fit with Jesus' declaration in verse 36: "If the son sets you free, you will be free indeed"? What is the freedom Jesus is promising?

Carson shared a compelling answer Sunday morning from Romans 12. Paul describes a life full of sacrifice, humility, generosity, emotional and relational sincerity, purity and peace. I pray that in this hard season we lean into opportunities to live fully free in Christ. Free from sin, free to serve, and free to love, free to sacrifice.

Jesus, hear our prayer!

Missing you all,


p.s. - if you want early access to RSVP for this Saturday's Evensong Service, you can reserve your spot here.


Here are some links I  have enjoyed over the past few weeks:

Comet NEOWISE, I highly recommend looking at the comet through a pair of binoculars.  We have seen it over Burch Mountain as early as 10:30 pm the last few nights.

Ingalls Creek Trail - Looking for a moderate hike with a lovely creek to cool off in along the way?  About two miles in, there is a huge rock slide with gaps under the boulders that release cold air. God's air conditioning - see picture above! 

Heaven and Earth - The Bible Project sends weekly lessons by email. You can the short Video here if you don't have time to look through the whole lesson.

Kids feel pandemic stress too. . . - I appreciated this article reminding us that children can be deeply affected by the pandemic.  There are good practical suggestions. I would add a faith based component of prayer, Scripture and worship to their recommendations.

Ordinary Saints project - This is a beautiful new online project featuring art, poetry and music. A great retreat from news feeds and social media!

Hutchmoot 2020 - Matt and Julie have spoken at this special event in the past. Andrew Peterson and crew will be online this year with no attendance cap and a moderate fee.

Lord, help us to enter the "Spirit level of listening."

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