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Julia's Family Flourishing + Last Chance RSVP

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A Family Flourishing Letter from Julia Barger

Dear Trinity Family,

Happy hot August!  I hope you are well and experiencing the love of God and neighbor in this time of waiting, wondering and trying to make decisions.

Last week I heard people asking, "What is God's purpose in these trying times?"  I began to reflect on my own desire for a sense of purpose, especially in suffering and trials.  I wondered if God wanted me to try to understand His purpose, or maybe His invitation is to trust Him and receive His presence. 

I want to let go of my desire to know the purpose and instead rest in God's presence.  Is God inviting you to trust Him and rest in His presence?  I would love to hear about it! Please email me.

At Backyard Church last Sunday, the Lord helped me more fully understand His invitation to presence.  A child shared that he missed hugging friends during Covid.  He wrapped his arms around himself and exclaimed, "I love hugging!  I am going to give God a huge hug!"  Then he drew this picture:

Wow!  Thank you, little one, for helping me see how present God really is!  I especially love God's big smile (and a wink?).  I wonder how we might imagine, illustrate or write about "hugging God"?  I pray that you will be filled with your heavenly Father's love and rest in His presence.  Matthew 11:28 - 30



PS - I will have children's lessons for Backyard Church available during communion pick up Saturday night 7-9 pm.  Please let me know if you need extra copies for your group.  


Sacred Space - I was ministered to by the 8/3 prayer.

SLOW  a five minute video retreat that is helpful if you are feeling anxious or need help settling/relaxing.

Psalm 30 - this Psalm music project by Poor Bishop Hooper is amazing.  I really loved Psalm 30 but I encourage you to explore the entire project (art and music).

Toddler Behavior translations - this article in Parents magazine explains toddler behavior and offers helpful suggestions.  I found this strangely applicable to my own behavior . . .🤔

Teaching kids/teens about debt - this seems like a really good time to teach our kids about finances.

Play with Paper course - a fun "at home camp" idea.

Bear helps road crew. .  this bear. . . .

Trinity Camp: Read below if you missed the deets

This year's Trinity Camp sessions on "The Gospel & Politics" can be watched live on Zoom, by recording, or together at church. Whichever way you choose, please register to help our staff get ready!

Please click the button below and then click "Join." Once you've completed the simple registration process, we'll be able to send you the links to attend each session. You don't have to register every week. Just complete this one-time process, and we'll send you everything you need for all 4 sessions!

*Note: You only need 1 registration per family

Technical issues with registering? Call 509-881-7737 or email

3 Ways to Watch

  1. LIVE...Thursday at 8pm Join us online each week on Zoom. Register HERE.

  2. On your own As early as Friday of each week, you can watch the recording here.

  3. Together at church Every Saturday night at 6:30pm, join others in our church for an in-person viewing of that week's Camp Session. This will be held at church in the sanctuary, watching the recorded session on the big screen, with live Q&A with Pastor Matt.

Saturday Nights at Church


6:30pm   Gospel & Politics      w/ Pastor Ken Robertson                                                    &  Live Q & A  (Pastor Matt Canlis) 7:30pm   Evensong RSVP here & this week BYOB (blanket!) :) 8:00pm   Church Walk              Join our youth on an outdoor stroll!

::::: Join us for any part or all three!

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