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Congregational Meeting Recap

Dear Trinity,

If you missed the Congregational Meeting last week, we encourage you to watch it so that you can know what's happening as we enter the Fall.

Here's a handy breakdown if you'd like to watch a particular section:

2:40 - Guy Evans discusses latest happenings on the building restoration project, including concept drawings, and an upcoming Fall gathering.

8:27 - Nicole Hunter talks about our the heart behind our Youth program as well as this year's theme for Church Camp as well as Fall small groups.

13:15 - Julia Barger discusses stories from the past Summer at Godly Play, Spiritual Direction for Children, and the beauty of relying on "the wisdom in the room."

26:50 - Carson talks about why the Path to Belonging isn't just for newcomers and covers our financial outlook.

40:05 - Matt covers many things, including personal stories, our Fall preaching direction, something we're doing that we've never done before, and a 1 (maybe 3) year journey through the Lectionary starting this Advent.

50:30 - Q&A, including what upcoming local pilgrimages may look like, some good news for building project "refugees," and a couple of encouraging testimonies about what God is doing as people put their Psalms for the summer to memory.


Summer Small Miracles Lunch Program

A Thank You and Reflection from this year's coordinator, Jenny Eberth

Dear Trinity Church,

Wow, where did the summer go?!

As we enter the school season I want to reflect and thank the volunteers from our congregation for their dedication to serve lunches at Methow Park this summer.

I am ever grateful for the 18 volunteers that signed up and showed up! The sign up sheet was filled by early July for the 6-week program. A total of 653 lunches were served this summer at Methow Park. Just as important, we were getting to know our neighbors and their children better. Something to smile about: children were asking about specific volunteers because of the genuine conversations shared at the picnic tables. Some of our volunteers served at other parks in the community when there was no one to fill the need. There was a loving concerned commitment to make sure kids were fed.

The Small Miracles lunch program served 6,239 meals Monday-Thursday for 6 weeks at 14 locations in the valley: Methow Park, Pioneer Park, Lincoln Park, Washington Park, Simpson Park in Cashmere, Monitor Park, Rock Island Park, Lee Elementary, Peshastin Elementary, Eastmont Baptist Church, Mission View Elementary, Pioneer Middle School, Lewis and Clark Elementary.

Thank You Trinity, for being the hands and feet of Jesus in such a tangible way showing how to love and care for one another.

Jenny Eberth


Maui Wildfire Recovery:

How You Can Partner with a Church in our Diocese

Kingsfield Anglican Mission in Maui is a fellow church in our Diocese, currently responding to and ministering to those affecting by the wildfires. They write, "As an Anglican Mission we have the distinct opportunity to turn our disaster relief into a sacramental act, offering the Eucharist as a pillar of nourishment for the hungry and hurting, and day to day offering of our time and resources to be present to the weary."

Here's a message from our Diocese's office about how you can directly support their work:

"You have likely heard of the devastating fires in Hawaii, and in particular on Maui. Several wildfires erupted across Maui on August 8, as Hurricane Dora passed south of the Hawaiian Islands.

"One of our churches is located on Maui: Kingsfield Anglican Mission (the Rev. Jason Hill). You can find an update from Father Jason on the church website here: Kingsfield Maui and photos from Kingsfield members can be viewed here.

  • If you’d like to give to support recovery in Maui, you can give through this link.

    • Please note that all money given to “Maui Disaster Relief Fund” in the drop-down menu of funds will be given to aid immediate relief and long-term recovery for those affected through organizations that Kingsfield Mission sees doing particular good in the community.

    • All money given to the “Kingsfield Mission” link will go to support this young church plant’s ability to minister in the community over the long haul by supplementing their general fund income.

The ACNA Anglican Relief & Development Fund also has set up a relief fund for the Maui Fires. You can donate to the ARDF fund here.


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email carson@trinitywenatchee.orgfor us to review before posting.


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