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Church Inside Out

Trinity Church offers live online educational space for families in need!

Dearest Trinity Church Family,

Blessings to you! Pastor Matt has said that God is turning our church inside out. Last week, Pastor Ken Robertson talked about the importance of living out our politics on the ground in our local context in addition to voting. And now the Lord is opening up an opportunity for us right here in our Parish and even the church building!  

A few weeks ago I received a call from Sarah Duffey. She is in administration at Columbia Valley Community Health and wondered how our church might help their essential workers who learned school would be live and online in the fall. Many have no childcare options. At the same time, Mari Groff sent an article to Trinity staff asking the important question, "What can the church do to assist families facing schooling challenges this fall?" I wondered how can Trinity Church best care for families in need in our Parish. That began a fast and furious journey that has led us to partner with CVCH to open the WBBC third floor classrooms as a safe learning space for at risk K-5 children. When we asked Pastor David about using the building he said, "Each Sunday, WBBC has been praying during their Zoom meeting how they might help students this fall!"

Side by Side Camp A safe space for K-5 students to attend live online classes. Sponsored by Trinity Church

When: M-F 7:45 am - 12:20 pm starting Fall 2020

Where: WBBC third floor classrooms

Who:  CVCH essential workers who have limited childcare options 

Side by Side Camp will follow Covid-19 guidelines & child safety practices.


Classroom Helpers & Subs - We need at least 16 people who want to help essential workers with limited childcare needs.

Here's what you'll be responsible for:

  - Help students attend online classes by being a consistent presence.   - Lead activity breaks  (ie:  walk with their class to the grassy area outside the church for brief exercise and playtime.)     - Serve a healthy snack provided for each room.     - Write a brief daily report for parents (a simple form will be provided) There will be no more than a 5 -1 child/adult ratio per room (30 student cap) to keep risk at a minimum. Classroom helpers will be assigned to particular households/rooms to provide as much relational consistency and little exposure as possible. Training will be provided on the Education Platforms & devices the children will be using, child safety practices (including emergency/fire escape procedures), emotional and social support for the students and Covid-19 protocol. Classroom helpers may also assist in sign-in and sign-out procedures.

* We hope to begin this camp ASAP, so your timely response is most appreciated. Call Julia Barger at (509) 630-2456 or Sarah Duffey at (509) 699-1558‬ for more information.

Trinity Church: Thank you for your generous and gracious heart for our Parish. How might the Lord be inviting you to join in this opportunity to be "Side by Side" with children who will desperately need a safe place to learn and be loved this difficult Fall school term.


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