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  • Carson Leith

Church Camp Registration is Open!

Dear Trinity,

Church Camp is around the corner!

It's September 8-10 at Tall Timber Ranch. Each year, this weekend serves as a launch point for us to enjoy being together as a church, kickstart new relationships, deepen existing ones, and unplug from our ordinary, fast-paced lives so that we would walk away refreshed, encouraged and energized for the Autumn.

There's some new things in the works this year.

And since Nicole is heading up Church Camp this year, I'll let her tell you about it... Hey Church! Ever struggle to find words to pray? Me too. At Church camp this year we are going to get some help with just that. We are going to learn pray, as Jesus often did, using the words of Scripture.

How, you ask? First, we will learn from the video teachings of two engaging and wise teachers, Brian Zahnd and Brad Jersak. Zahnd will invite us to learn a prayer liturgy full of Scripture and time-tested prayers. Jersak will help us learn to listen while we pray.

Then, we will practice. Church Camp will be just the start of a 40-day prayer pilgrimage for whoever wants to join. And, because we know that no pilgrimage is easy, we will gather up into groups and do this together encouraging each other along the way.

If this all sounds wonderful to you, awesome! I’m excited too. If it sounds overwhelming because prayer is something you’ve struggled with or been disappointed by… I get that too, and maybe this will help a little:

“This is not about revving up our prayer lives, but settling into communion with this one who love us so much.” -Brad Jersak

I hope many of us take this invitation to be face to face with God and each other in Christ as we learn and practice prayer.

- Nicole Hunter


Parents' Night Out

This Friday's Parents' Night Out has been cancelled.


Baptism Feast at Ingalls Creek August 13th @ 10:30am

Please mark your calendars for Baptism Sunday on August 13th @ 10:30am at Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center. We'll have an outdoor service, then river baptisms, followed by lunch together. More info coming soon...

If you're interested in getting baptized, please contact Fr. Matt at (206) 953-4129.


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email carson@trinitywenatchee.orgfor us to review before posting.

  • This is McAlister, I'm looking for housing anywhere between Wenatchee and Leavenworth-- if anyone knows of an apartment/studio/space for rent please reach out to me at 509-387-1545 (my voicemail doesn't work so texting is probably better!)


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