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[Tidings] Father's Day

Dear Trinity,

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and this year I am both joyfully and painfully aware of the great gift I received by being raised, not only by two parents, but by a father who loved me.  Working at a restaurant can be a notoriously time-consuming job with family-unfriendly hours, but my Dad made sure he was always home three nights a week, and it thrilled me whenever he walked in the door.  Not only was my Dad not absent, he was present to me in ways that comforted me as a child, and inspired me to become a man.

This week I am proud to highlight something our youth group is doing to invest in the mentoring relationships every child (and adult!) needs.  Please watch the video some of our teenagers put together, and read the brief mission statement below to understand more about M.U.S.T.  If you like what you see, consider bringing a donation this Sunday to Pilgrimage Church, or press HERE to give online.  Whether or not you chose to support M.U.S.T., do take a moment to thank God for the inspiring fathers, grandfathers, and mentors who shaped you. 

Father Matt


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