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What is Backyard Church?

What is Backyard Church?

Thursday nights on ZOOM @ 8pm with Trinity Camp speaker Ken Robertson.

Sunday mornings in a BACKYARD near you.

Dear Trinity Church Family,

For the Sundays in August, we are taking a break from “drive-thru” church, and meeting instead in each other’s backyards. This week I am calling people who are willing to HOST these backyard churches, and we already have 18 volunteer homes!

Next week each family or individual at Trinity will receive a list by email naming the outdoor small group to which you are invited. We are doing everything we can to minimize risk and to protect the most vulnerable -- but please feel no pressure to attend. I’m organizing backyard groups as best I can geographically to minimize travel time, and to minimize group size. From Leavenworth to Cashmere to Sunnyslope to East Wenatchee, Wenatchee and Malaga, we are choosing houses that will gather the Backyard Small Groups on Sunday Mornings.

But before coming to your Sunday morning group, please listen to our Trinity Family Camp Speaker Pastor Ken teaching on “The Gospel and Politics.” Ken is the lead pastor of International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. We had to cancel our regular camp gathering at Tall Timber, but Ken is still willing to stay up late and teach us live from his home on Zoom, Thursday nights at 8pm Wenatchee time.

So find your favorite chair, grab a cup of tea, (or wee dram of Whisky), watch Pastor Ken teach, and then watch me lead a live Q&A discussion on “Gospel Politics.” This isn’t about Republicans converting Democrats or vice versa. It’s about howweengage in politics as Christians. What does the Bible teach? What would Jesus do? And what is the Spirit doing? Then on Sunday morning, we get to practice what Pastor Ken preaches.

So please set aside Thursday nights in August at 8pm, and Sunday Mornings for Backyard Church. The church staff & vestry are doing everything we can to work within the limits we’ve been given by the State of Washington. Our goal is to stay safe, and to stay healthy in Christ. I am speaking to each Backyard Host about the necessity of:

1) Staying outside

2) Wearing Masks

3) Ensuring that the most vulnerable in our small groups feel the most cared for.

So let’s keep on being resilient in Christ! I never thought Pilgrimage Church would take this long, or have this many stages. But I continue to believe that God will keep guiding us to be the church in ways that love God, our neighbors, and ourselves in Christ.

See you soon in a backyard near you,

Father Matt


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