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Announcing Trinity's New Youth Intern

Dear Trinity, 

One group I miss seeing is our Youth. Usually tucked in the back of cars behind tinted windows at pilgrimage church, these vital members of our congregation are struggling with the loss of school, connection to their friends, and all the normal patterns that keep us healthy and alive in Christ. 

I have been trying to recruit a part-time youth worker, and am pleased to announce that one of my son Chapman’s friends at Westmont College is going to move to Wenatchee for 2 months to be an intern for our church. His name is Caleb Crother, and I am thrilled that he has said yes to my invitation. 

Next week, Caleb arrives from California to help jump start our youth group. Stay tuned for more information soon! Please start praying that we can join God in ministering to our youth.

Creatively in Christ,

Father Matt


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