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The DNA of our Diocese

The DNA of our Diocese

By Nicole Hunter

Hello Trinity Church! One of my favorite parts of the Diocese meeting in Denver was listening to Bishop Ken’s talk highlighting many missional points which have shaped him and our diocese. This talk helped me better understand both who we are as Trinity Church and who we hope to be in Christ. I invite you to listen to Bishop Ken’s talk and/or to read the summarized points below. As you read, where do you see these points displayed in our church already? Where might you hope to see us grow? I’d love to hear from you.

  • We have a passion for mission in an Anglican context. It’s not about being Anglican. It’s about the Kingdom of God and the mission of God. Anglicanism is our context.

  • Our mission defines our structures. We start with our God-given mission and then ask: What structure(s) do we need in order to do what we’ve been called to do?

  • We define ourselves by Jesus and His mission, not by what we fear.

  • Our Worship brings together Word, Spirit, and Sacrament. We are grounded in God’s Word, moved by the Power of the Spirit, and shaped by patterns of church worship which have been practiced for centuries.

  • We take risks for the Gospel. We sacrifice ourselves for the work of Jesus.

  • All ministry is relational. Relationship is a necessity for discipleship and evangelism.

  • Ministry is Holistic. Ministry is to the whole person (head, heart, body) for the whole community (not just for those who identify as Christian).

  • The Holy Spirit leads us to repentance and integrity. We confess our sins and repent. We turn away from sin into the love of God.

  • Laity (not ordained clergy) are the primary ministers of the church. The church grows as all the people of God engage in the ministry God has given us as a church.

  • Joy comes from Jesus, not from the stuff we accumulate.

  • We are a reflection of God’s movement through the Anglican church of Rwanda. Remembering that our roots came from another part of the world helps us recognize and turn from our cultural tendency toward American exceptionalism to be formed and informed, instead, by the mission of the world-wide Gospel.

Praying Jesus grows us as His church, Nicole


Drop-in Prayer During the Saturdays of Lent


Marriage Tune-Up (March 17-18)

Every marriage gets stuck. Whether it’s continual tensions that create distance or conversations that are off-limits, we know what it’s like to feel frustrated at going nowhere. Here’s some good news. There’s a way to get unstuck! And we’ve experienced it firsthand. Seven years ago, Lauren and I attended a “Marriage Tune-Up” with Dave & Nancy Harper, and our relationship has never been the same. We continue to use the tools we learned in order to get free from conversational jams and relational difficulties. And now, they are coming to Trinity to do the same for you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to grow the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted…


Coming Up

  • MISSIONS MEETING Thursday, March 2 @ 6:15pm Location: Trinity office Contact: Kevin Tomalty at (509) 393-4087

  • LENTEN PRAYER HOUR Saturdays in Lent, 9:30-10:30 am March 4 - April 8 Location: Trinity Sanctuary Contact: Lauren Leith (509) 881-7356

  • LENTEN SMALL GROUPS - join here Godspeed - starts tonight! Find Your People - starts Monday, 3/6 Sabbath Practice - starts next Friday, 3/10


Bulletin Board

If If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can submit it to for consideration.

  • Violet Madson is this year’s winner of the Young Artist scholarship competition and she will be performing this Saturday with the Wenatchee Symphony. Get tickets here.

  • NAVIGATING GRIEF: How do we move from the darkness of grief to the light of relief? Join our friends at the Ingalls Creek Center for Faith, Calling, and Community for a retreat on Navigating Grief: Moving Through the Pain of Loss, March 24-27, 2023. For more information go to, or inquire at


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