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  • Nate Kellogg

Summer Volunteering

Don't make me drink this alone!

Dear Trinity,

One of my (Nate's) favorite things about being a part of the church is seeing other people find their “sweet spots” - something that they LOVE to do, and helping them find ways to practice that. I am so excited to jump in this summer to serve with you all and hopefully help some of you find a place in our church that excites you and fills you up! If you’re not sure what your “sweet spot” is in church, I’d love to meet with you and hear about your life, desires and passions and see if we can discover something together. Please reach out to me (contact details at the bottom of this letter) if you’d like help with that because we have a huge variety of opportunities here at Trinity to discover and exercise your giftings...

Within our parish on a given Sunday we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-45 volunteers using their gifts to help facilitate our morning gatherings. We have greeters at the front door, wonderful Godly Play teachers sharing the stories of Scripture, prayer ministers, donut & coffee preparers, and the list goes on! They do it out of love for Jesus and for you all!

Here at Trinity, we have a “path to belonging” (click the link to read through the path) Our 7th step along the way is to “be the body of Christ”, where we step in to actively being the hands and feet of Jesus. We want to invite you to consider where you might step in over the summer if you have rested here at Trinity for at least 6 months (step 3). We are looking to place people in various ministry roles throughout our parish for the next four months. We’re not asking for lifelong commitments or even every week commitments, just a willingness to help out once a month over the summer.

The beauty of the summer signups is that if, at the end, you decide, “This ministry isn’t for me,” we can help discern and wonder where your next step may be. If you decide, “Wow, I love this — I want more!” then we can continue to grow and develop in these ministries.

Here are some of the most pressing team needs for the summer (though there are other areas we would love to plug you in to):

  • Fellowship - 4 people - coffee and donuts for the church

  • Communion - 4 people - setup or clean up

  • Communion - 2 people - 1st service bread servers

  • Communion - 2 people - 1st service wine servers

  • Greeting - 4 people - 1st service greeters

  • Lectio - 1 person - Scripture reading and leading liturgical prayer

  • Tech - 2-4 people - Running sound or the slides on the projector

  • Nursery - 3 people - Who doesn’t want to play with toddlers and babies!?

I wonder what area of church ministry you’d like to explore this summer?

Nate Kellogg

P.S. - I mean it, I would love to take you out for coffee or tea or french fries to talk about where you may find a place to serve here. or 360.999.9712


This summer has been deemed the "Summer of Fun" at Trinity! There are activities planned throughout the summer that everyone is bound to enjoy!

You can view all these events (along with their details) by clicking on the button below:


Landscaping Party

9 am - Noon Saturday May 21 Lunch Provided

Come help us beautify our church property! We will be pruning, weeding, planting flowers and shrubs, and spreading bark. Bring gloves, shovels, trowels, hoes, rakes, pruners, hedge clippers, wheelbarrows. Jobs for young and old! Contact Wendy Murphy at 509-699-0908 or Kay Andreini at 509-881-1460 with questions. Please sign up so we know how many lunches to provide.


Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:14-23 Chapter: "Work - David and Saul" This week’s preacher: Terry Fike

Both Saul and David were “anointed” or given a specific task to accomplish by God. They were chosen to do God’s work, God’s way. Saul, however, did God’s work his way which ultimately resulted in catastrophic moral failure. David, on the other hand, did God’s work God’s way (for the most part).

We have all been given specific tasks to accomplish, to do God’s work, God’s way. How can we live our lives and do our work in the pattern that David exhibited? Is it possible that we could become men and women “after God’s own heart”?

Service Times: 8:30 and 9:45



Help for Ukraine Collection Date: May 15th at Trinity Church

Rachel Whitson is working with other Wenatchee churches to help facilitate a supply collection for Ukraine and would love your help!

The collection date has been set for May 15th so please start gathering supplies now!

The following items are needed:

  • Reusable totes and luggage

  • Medical supplies (over-the-counter medications, first aid items, etc…)

  • Hand tools (nothing that needs to be plugged in)

  • Non-perishable food (no chocolate, and nothing canned - for melting and weight reasons)

  • Hygiene supplies including infant and adult diapers

  • Tents and camping supplies

  • Bedding (gently used is fine)

  • Clothing, footwear, and household items (kitchen utensils, etc) in very good shape

They are also looking for additional facilitators, volunteers to help sort and pack, and vehicles and drivers willing to help with transport to Fife, WA.

If you cannot hold onto the supplies until then or have any follow up questions, contact Rachel Whitson (509-885-6917) to get a collection time figured out.

** Urgently needed items such as medical supplies are being sent by air as they come in, and clothing and household items will be transported by ship and arrive 3-6 months from now. **


Upcoming Church Events


Key Info for Church this Spring

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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