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Kiwanis Methow Park approved for $2.5 million renovation!

This week, the city council passed the motion “to authorize the Mayor to sign a standard construction contract with KRCI in the amount of $2,691,888.50 for construction of the Kiwanis Methow Park Improvements Project!”

Our own Cathy Rice marched with Parque Padrinos to support this endeavor. She said, "I'm so proud of all those who spoke before the council, including one little boy. 🙂 The members of the council said many nice things about the neighborhood and the people who have been building community there in the last several years including Parque Padrinos. The mayor was highly supportive. Below is a picture I took of some of those who attended from the park, the mayor, and a few of the council members."

This motion represents a major step forward for the South Wenatchee neighborhood! Let's continue to be involved as a church in what's going on in our parish.


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