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How to love your neighbor this week

We love our neighbors because Christ first neighbored us.

This week, share Easter JOY with your neighbors!

We love our neighbors because Christ first neighbored us. Yesterday, we empowered each household to love and serve your neighbors by hanging the Serve Wenatchee door hangers and possibly sharing the $100 gift (if you're in our church family and didn't make it to church last weekend, we'll be looking out for you so that we can give you these items next time we see you). Let's keep responding to God's call in this time to find creative ways to go face to face with God, our neighbors, and ourselves in Christ.  And please hang on to the stories that are written during this time... because one day, we'll get to share them with one another.

Coming Up:

We hope to see you next Sunday at Drive-Thru Church, 9-10:30am. Carson is on vacation this week, so look out for some friendly new faces at the final station for the Kenyan Declaration!

In the meantime, feel free to sign up for spiritual direction with Matt using the link below. Times have just been inputted for the week of April 26.


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