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  • Carson Leith

Field Report from Denver's Diocese Conference

Last week was incredible!

Our team of 8 people, gathering with 33 churches, for 3 days!

Last week, our team attended the Diocese Gathering in Colorado, and so we’re taking a break from our regular full issue of Tidings just to give you a fun snapshot from the bowling night :) and to send you one of our favorite teaching sessions from the week. We had a blast learning together and connecting with others from different churches, and we wanted to share just one of Dr. Russell Moore’s talks with you. (Dr. Moore is the Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today.) His theme for the week was “Faithful Gospel Engagement in Our Culture Today,” and he used the 3 temptations of Jesus to frame our time together. Below is the second of the three talks, on how to walk forward in faith when you don’t have all the answers… Look for more stories and reflections in the weeks to come!


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