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  • Carson Leith

Fall Launch!

Dear Trinity, As we prepare for the Fall, we’re looking forward to the 8 new small groups that will be offered! And you can sign up for a group TODAY…everything from Godspeed to Prayer Groups to Alpha to Book Discussions. If you’ve never been through Godspeed, I encourage you to join one of the two groups (either in Wenatchee or East Wenatchee). It’s a great way to get to know people and start to understand the heartbeat of Trinity. Or, if you’re wanting to follow up from the topics we explored at Family Camp, you might want to check out “A Church Called Tov.” The book talks through the traits of a toxic church and the traits of a “tov” church, which is the Hebrew word for goodness. Our prayer is that this book will help us name hurts from our past that we can name as a group and help us become a place that promotes healing and goodness. If you’re a mom, and finding yourself running low on connection and support, consider joining the Mom’s Prayer Group, which will give you the space to connect with other women, receive prayer, and listen to the scriptures. Or maybe you’re someone who wants to read old spiritual classics in community...Some of us will be reading St Athanasius’ “On the Incarnation” (4th cent.) and you’ll come away nourished with the refreshing perspective that comes from reading ancient literature. There’s more groups to talk about, but you can check them all out HERE Whatever you choose to join, I pray that this Autumn, we would know each other and be known ourselves. And then from this place, may we be inspired to reach out in love toward our neighbors. With love for every one of you, Carson P.S. - Don’t forget to bring a gift for the Canlis gift basket! This Sunday is the last day…


Congregational Meeting Recap

Missed the Congregational Meeting last Sunday?

Watch the video recording HERE (note: people’s questions at the end are repeated back into the mic by the staff)

You can grab all the handouts this Sunday at church, download them here:


Scripture: 2 Samuel 16-18 Chapter: Chapter 18: Suffering — David and Absalom Preacher: Nate Kellogg

After David’s abuse of power and Bathsheba, we may be left wondering “shouldn’t God just scrap this whole Davidic rule and move on to someone else?” We see in these next chapters that while there are severe consequences to David’s destructive choices, God is faithfully at work to maintain His covenant promises. Even when David is suffering the most and continuing to fail (this time as a father), God keeps His arms open as a faithful and loving Father toward David.

Service Times: 8:30 and 9:45


Let’s Prepare to Welcome Matt and Julie Back Home! LAST CALL - All Items Needed This Sunday!

Hello Trinity family! The Canlises plan to come home in about 2 weeks!! To help welcome them home we will be putting together a gift basket in which we would love for you to consider contributing, but please feel no pressure.

Appropriate things for the gift basket could be:

- letters, notes, prayers, hand drawn or painted pictures, words of encouragement and welcome.

- gift cards for places to eat in town to re-aquaint them with Wenatchee and ease the transition

- home made jams, ect. to make them feel welcome

Please have gifts ready by Sunday, August 28th so that we can prepare the basket for September 4th. There is a box to put your gift in at the welcome table in the foyer. If you have any question feel free to reach out to Lauren Leith at


August Evensong August 28 @ 6pm

Come join us for Evensong in August, where the girls will sing, followed by a time of sharing from their pilgrimage to the UK. 6:00pm - Evensong sung service 6:30pm - Testimonies, stories and photos from the Evensong Pilgrimage to the UK.


Baptism and Feast at Ingalls Creek September 18 @ 10:30am

Baptism Sunday is coming! We will hold this year’s baptism service at Ingalls Creek at 10:30am (with a lunch feast to follow). If you’re interested in getting baptized, or having your child baptized, email Carson at There will be baptism preparation gatherings on September 6th & 13th at 7:30pm with Pastor Matt (also good for people exploring baptism). If you’d like to help with the feast, we need 2 people for setup (9am call time), 2 people for parking, and 2 for cleanup. Please simply reply to this email if you’re interested! If you’d just like to attend, all the info is HERE. It would be so helpful if you could register so we can plan for food!


Newcomers Dinner September 24 @ 6-8pm

f you are new to our church in the last year, and haven't attended one of our newcomers dinners, we'd love to meet you and share stories around a dinner table at a host home in our parish. Come meet other newcomers as well as one of our pastors and staff members, and find out how you can take the next step in your path to belonging at Trinity Church.


Key Info for Church this Summer

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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