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Encouraging note from Mari Groff

Dear Trinity Church family,

Thank you for faithfully praying and supporting me and my family this winter as I prepared for the bar exam. The delicious food, many words of encouragement written, texted, emailed, and spoken, sustained us and buoyed my spirits.

I felt partially carried by your prayers the last two weeks in particular. During the days of the actual exam I experienced calm, clear thinking and good health. I slept well in unfamiliar surroundings. By the end I was actually having fun putting my knowledge to the task. I found out today that I passed!

Early into this endeavor, I thought I discerned the Lord saying He would make the way and I would have to do the work. “The way” didn’t end up looking at all like I thought it would. There were plenty of moments I felt unsure whether I should continue. Then, one way or another, affirmation would come - an improved practice test score, an unexpected word of encouragement from one of you, my sweet children cheering me on with notes and little handmade offerings. One of you told me to “remember the clarity of the call.” That really helped; “the call” had been clear, but brief and private. I quickly doubted after a bit of time passed and life got messy. I needed the accountability of friends to remind me.

I’ve loved seeing how God took this small step of faith and brought so many of you in on it. I did not do this alone and I now suspect that was part of God’s plan. It sure wasn’t mine!

I want to especially thank the amazing Doug Hall who stepped into my teaching role the last five months to help free me up to study.

I believe in the power of prayer; that is not new. But physically feeling carried by your prayers was new, powerful, and precious.

Thank you church! Mari Groff


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