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  • Trinity Church

Christmas Eve Service 2019

On Christmas Eve, 11pm, Trinity Church will be having a traditional "Lessons and Carols" service. With Scripture ("Lessons") and Christmas Carols, we will follow the story-arc of redemption from Genesis to Jesus. At midnight, we dim the lights and light all of our hand-held candles from the Christ Candle at the center of the Advent Wreath. We finish out with a couple more carols, s'mores and candy canes in the parking lot, and then all head sleepily home. 

We hope you can join us! There will be children performing some of the carols, alongside an adult choir, there will be sleeping and awake babies, sleeping and awake parents (!), attire from formal to pajamas, and more. Come celebrate the birth of the King with us! (And don't forget warm coats and boots in case you want to huddle around the fire afterwards).


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