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Christianity’s Global Transformation

Christianity’s Global Transformation

By Charlie Atkinson

Image: Matija Medved

Dear Trinity,

Christianity is undergoing a global transformation! So writes Tish Harrison Warren in her recent New York Times piece (March 26, 2023). Although the church was birthed in the Middle East and radiated out from Jerusalem in all directions, by 1900 the global body of Christ had become much more western in its appearance. Warren cites author Scott Sundquist who states “that in 1900, 80 percent of the world’s Christian population lived in the Western world.” Things have changed dramatically! By the year 2000, the rest of the world or the “majority world” is now home to almost two-thirds of all Christians. The body of Christ has always transcended both time and space, and we are witnessing that reality in color. Here are a few more eye-popping facts that Warren shares:

  • There are 685 million Christians in Africa now with over 60 percent of all Anglicans living in Africa.

  • There are most likely more Anglicans in church this Sunday in Nigeria and Uganda than in America and England combined.

  • By some estimates China will have more Christians than any other country by 2030.

  • In our country, Latinos are the fastest growing segment of evangelicals.

The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) and the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains (DRM), of which we are a part of, owe their very beginning to the Anglican church in Africa. The DRM has a unique relationship to the church in Rwanda which continues to this day. We are privileged to share in this community of believers around the world and Father Matt has spoken about his desire to take some of us from Trinity on pilgrimage to Rwanda.

The world has changed; none of us question that, but the church has changed as well as the gospel has taken root around the globe and in the immigrant communities in our country as well. I encourage you to read more in Tish Harrison Warren’s column HERE.

Think about it, the face of the church may just look a lot more like it did some 2,000 years ago and this beautiful tapestry of faith enriches us all. This is an exciting time to be alive as we watch and participate with Jesus as He continues to draw people from all nations to himself.

- Charlie Atkinson

Note: Brenda and I will be attending the Provincial Council of the ACNA in June as lay delegates from our diocese. We look forward to gaining a greater appreciation of our global connection to the Anglican Communion and the body of Christ.


Come and See!

We have started the final term for Sunday School! Before we break for summer, you are invited to come and see what happens in our classrooms on Sunday mornings just for fun OR to discern if you might like to join the team. Godly Play is a unique spiritual formation method that is best experienced in real time. Come and watch the story, wonder aloud and maybe even try doing art with the children.

Sunday School meets during the sermon at the 9:45 service.


Survey: Tell Us Where You’re Serving in the Parish

We are actively seeking God's guidance concerning how Trinity can best minister to those struggling in our community. As we go through the process of developing a parish ministry, we would like to know what you are already doing. Maybe you are a mentor at the Wenatchee Rescue Mission or perhaps you volunteer as a Lunch Buddy at a school in the valley. Please let us know what you are doing by taking the survey below.


Two New Births: A Chance to Be Christ’s Body

In the past two weeks, two precious little ones have been born to families in our congregation. For new parents, the newborn stage is an amazingly beautiful time of bonding with a new little person. While beautiful, it is also a time of stress as the family is thrown into new rhythms (or no rhythms at all), sleeplessness, hormone fluctuations, and physical healing.

One way we, as a church body, can take a small load off these families' shoulders is to bless them with a meal! While it may seem so simple, it's one less thing new parents have to think about. It gives them space to focus on settling into the new family unit.

Let's shower these families with love and food!

Nolan Eggers was born to Natalie and Benjamin Eggers and joins big siblings Evelyn and Patrick.

Anastasia Grace Charlene was born to Miranda and Brent Townley on Good Friday.


Coming Up

  • EVENSONG AND YOUTH NIGHT Sunday, May 7 Evensong @ 6pm Youth Gathering and Pizza @ 6:30

  • "I WONDER..." NIGHTS May 2nd and 9th RSVP Here

  • CONFIRMATION COHORT BEGINS 4 Wednesdays @ 7pm May 17, 24, 31 & June 7 Join the Cohort Here

  • PENTECOST FEAST Sunday, May 28 - More Details to Come

  • CONFIRMATION WITH BISHOP KEN Sunday, June 11th @ 6pm


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