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2019 Spring Sunday School Update

It’s so hard to believe May is upon us! We have had such a great year of drawing near to God and one another in our classes. Trinity Church has lots of kids and they really enjoy their time together in God’s Word each week after the service! Our last Sunday school classes are May 26th which is also “Sunday School Sunday”. Students will help throughout the service with prayers, readings, music and serving communion. Some of the team will share how they learned “to become more like a child” this year.

As we plan for next year I wonder . . .

- Would you enjoy entering Scripture with a group of curious children?

- Would you like to experience joy, laughter, surprise, insight, and challenges in a fun and supportive community?

- Are you feeling a call to join the Sunday school team?

Classes begin in late September and we have a great sub list to accommodate schedules. We offer classes for preschool through high school and provide curriculum and materials. There is training and support as well as occasional meetings to keep everyone connected and encouraged.

We need teachers and helpers this Fall so if you are curious about our program, May is a great month to come upstairs to sit in on classes. If you have any questions or would like to come and see our Sunday school classes this month, please call/text Julia Barger at (509) 630 2456 or email


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