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Our Anglican Family

anglican communion.jpeg
Watch a 10-minute segment of the video above (start at 8:55)
to learn about the DNA of our Diocese.

Anglicanism is an expression of Christianity born in the English Reformation and rooted in the ancient faith and practice of the historic church. Anglicanism upholds Scripture as the primary source of authority in matters of faith and practice. The essence of the Anglican expression of faith lies in the Prayer Books of the 16th and 17th centuries. Driven by a missionary focus, Anglicanism has been about the work of making disciples for over 500 years and has expanded into a global church. With over 80 million members in 164 countries, the Anglican Communion is the 3rd largest Christian denomination in the world (behind Roman Catholicism & Eastern Orthodoxy). The Majority World, especially Africa & Asia, are home to Anglicanism’s most faithful and vibrant churches. Our diocese is the result of a church plant from Rwanda!


Like all the Protestant churches, Anglicans are characterized by a deep commitment to the Scriptures, our complete inability to restore ourselves to God, and the sufficiency of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to accomplish that restoration. Along with these commitments, however, Anglican Christians retain a deep respect for the ways the Spirit has worked in the church since the days of Christ. They believe that the historic church’s creeds, councils, liturgy, and leadership structure upheld the true gospel, not undermined it. For these reasons, Anglican Christianity became a unique tradition within Christianity: fully Protestant in its beliefs, with roots in historic church practices, all because of a passion to preserve and proclaim the good news of Christ.


Also called the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Church is made up of 40 global member Provinces. The provinces are subdivided into dioceses, and the dioceses into parishes. All of the provinces are autonomous, free to make decisions in their own ways. The Diocese of the Rocky Mountains belongs to the province of The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), and our Bishop is Ken Ross.

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