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Trinity Youth


We love Sunday School for all ages, where deep Bible reflection happens in smaller groups for age three years olds to adults. Sunday School for youth (ages 3-18) happens immediately following church, around 10:25-11:25am. Adults head downstairs for donuts, fresh coffee, and our own short talk (focused on an all-church book that we are walking through, or a 'mini-series' offered by someone in the church). Following the talk, adults share together about what we are learning through the sermon, the series we are walking through, and our own lives.

Beatitude Kids (10-11)


This class journeys through the Scriptures using the Bible Project as well as the Story. They also begin applying God's call to care for the poor and needy in our midst.

Junior High


coming soon...

High School


coming soon...

Sundays at 9am:

535 Okanogan Ave

Wenatchee, WA 98801

(in the Brethren Baptist building)


PO Box 2598

Wenatchee, WA 98807

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