Sundays: What to expect


Our Sunday morning service runs from 9:00-10:10am in the Brethren Baptist Church, on the corner of Peachey & Okanogan. Afterward, the kids head upstairs for Godly Play (ages 3-9), Beatitudes Kids (10-11), Jr. High, or High School. The Adults meet in the Fireside Room for our latest Sunday School series. 

Adult Sunday School varies: in some seasons, we discuss a book together; other times, we expand on the morning's teaching in small groups; other times, people teach a series in their specialization. Sometimes we simply catch up on each other's lives. We usually wrap up at 11:15am.


During the Summer months we enjoy our fellowship with fruit and pastries outdoors on the front lawn.


What is your service like?  

Sunday morning is the time for our entire community, young and old, to be physically present to one another within the community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We are always surrounded by and immersed in this Trinitarian life!  But Sunday is the day we look each other in the eye, receive the bread and wine from one another's hands, and hear the peace and forgiveness of Christ from one another's lips.


Our music is simple, allowing for space to think and reflect, and draws from old and newer traditions. We enjoy Celtic music, Taize, Psalms, and hymns which span many centuries. Powerpoint has its place, but there is something wonderful about holding words and musical notes in our hands, some unchanged for more than a millennia. The Scriptures tell us that, from the church’s birth, those who made up that tiny far-flung minority loved to sing together - first the Psalms, and then they would innovate by composing hymns of their own. Most of these songs have been lost to us, but the ones we still have we treasure. We sing new songs as well, but we love honoring the faith of those who have gone before us, and we want to join in singing with this great cloud of witnesses.



Children and adults take communion weekly in our church, because we believe that we are nourished by Christ both in the Word and the Sacrament. If you are baptized and trust Jesus, desiring to follow him, please join us for Communion.


In this, we are trying to recapture the original intent of some reformers, who tried to recover the weekly practice of taking Communion as part of our regular spiritual diet. 


We love children and all of the noises and unpredictability that inevitably accompany them wherever they may be found...including our Sunday morning service! Having old and young praying, singing, confessing, and kneeling together is an important part of Trinity life. We do offer nursery care for children ages 0-3 during the sermon, although parents are also welcome to walk around with their children whenever they need to throughout the service. Most children stay with their families during the service, coloring and participating in the ways that they can. (And yes, for many of us, this was a shocking - though not unpleasant - adjustment that took some time. We get this - and we are just glad that you are with us.)

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Trinity Church is affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of the Rocky Mountains. For more information about our tradition, click here.

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