Sundays at 9am

535 Okanogan Ave

Wenatchee, WA 98801

(in the Brethren Baptist building)

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Sunday School


Each Sunday, we’ll gather in the Fireside Room from 10:25-11:25am.


Sep 23 - The Gift of Anglicanism


Sep 30 - The Gospel and The Church


Oct 21 - 5 "Middle Ways" Arising from the Reformation


Oct 28 - What We Can Learn From An Argument: The Caroline Divines and The Puritans


Nov 11 - History, Vestry, and Ordination


Nov 18 - The Evangelical Revival


Nov 25 - The Anglican Communion Today

This Fall, we are exploring the story of Anglicanism as a way to prepare for our upcoming transition into the tradition. 

Our hope is that Anglicanism would just be a conduit to treasuring Christ, loving his church, and knowing what we believe.