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Worship in the Parish - July 4th-5th, 2020

No Saturday Evensong or Sunday Drive-Thru

The goal of Parish Sunday is to help us connect with the wider church.  In previous years this has meant visiting other churches in the valley, or in places to which we’ve travelled.  This year that’s not possible, so we are asking Trinity Church to “visit” a church online. 

You are welcome to choose any church to visit,anywhere in the world!  But if you need some suggestions, here's three:

I never thought I’d be encouraging you to visit a church online, but this year gives us the unusual chance to do just that, and hopefully discover something about another church that can enrich our own.  So please do “visit” a church Sunday, July 5th. 

Please email Father Carson by July 7th at

And tell him 2 things:

  1. Learn at least one thing Trinity Church can do better!

  2. Name at least one thing you are grateful we’re already doing.


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