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Why "Trinity"?

Painting by Scott Erickson

Dear Trinity,

Why are we TRINITY church? What's so important about leaning into that identity as Trinitarian? Here's a great quote from Catherine Lacugna (God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life)

Living trinitarian faith means living God’s life: living from and for God, from and for others.

Living trinitarian faith means living as Jesus Christ lived, in persona Christi: preaching the gospel; relying totally on God; offering healing and reconciliation; rejecting laws, customs, conventions that place persons beneath rules; resisting temptation; praying constantly; eating with modern-day lepers and other outcasts; embracing the enemy and the sinner; dying for the sake of the gospel if it is God’s will.

Living trinitarian faith means living according to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit: training the eyes of the heart on God’s face and name proclaimed before us in the economy; responding to God in faith, hope and love; eventually becoming unrestrictedly united with God. 

Living trinitarian faith means living together in harmony and communion with every other creature in the common household of God, “doing all things to the praise and glory of God.” 

Living trinitarian faith means adhering to the gospel of liberation from sin and fractured relationship: liberation from everything that misleads us into false worship, from everything that promotes unnatural, nonrelational personhood, from everything that displaces us to an exclusive household, from everything that deceives us into believing self-aggrandizing archisms. 


Celebration of Alissa Diehl

Saturday, March 2 @ 1pm

The celebration of our beautiful daughter Alissa will be held on Saturday, March 2nd @ 1pm at Sage Hills Church. Gifts in lieu of flowers can be given to Life Choices Wenatchee, Corner of Love (a ministry to Nicaraguan refugees), or Trinity Church.


Parking Reminder

Please leave the line of parking spaces closest to the church building empty on Sunday morning so the Brethren Baptists have places to park.  Thank you for thinking of our brothers and sisters in that congregation.


Spring Garden Cleanup

Saturday, March 16 @ 9-11am

All are invited to come and get the church gardens spruced up for spring.  Don't have a green thumb?  That's totally fine!  There will be jobs for everyone from master gardener to families with kids.  Please bring pruners, weeding tools, rakes, and gloves.  There will be drinks and snacks provided.

E-mail Kay Andreini at with any questions


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email for us to review before posting.

  • Ingalls Creek's Aging Well Retreat will be held on April 19-22.  Register before March 1 for $20 off.  This retreat is a place to offer points of connection around the realities of physical, mental, and emotional health as we age so that we might all find flourishing in this Third Third season of life.  Register here or download the PDF registration form to mail in.  

  • Are you looking for immediate part-time work and/or are you intrigued by vineyards?  We could use some help pruning our vineyard.  The work is repetitive but satisfying, easy to learn, and doesn't require any use of ladders.  We pay $18-20 per hour depending on experience, and the schedule is completely flexible. This is good work for anyone 18 or older who likes to work alone outdoors and my have a complicated life schedule to maneuver around.  We can also hire teams of people who like to work together.  If you fine that you really enjoy working with the vines, you are welcome to stay on for more of the season and can learn additional viticulture skills.  Please contact Rachel Whitson at 509-885-6917 if you are interested or have questions!

  • Mission Possible, an evening with Tim Tebow, a fundraiser for Life Choices, will be at the Toyota Town Center on May 17th.  Get more information here.  All tickets are available now.  There is an opportunity for free student tickets (Grade 10-12) for the youth group kids along with 1-2 chaperones.  If any of the youth would be interested in volunteering or attending, please contact Crystal Sill at 509-881-4542.


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