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  • Matt Canlis

Why Buy a Church Building?

Dear Trinity Church, Why buy a church building? Please help me answer this question - not in theory - but live in person at church on ... Sunday, Jan 23rd, 11:30am Monday, Jan 24th, High Noon! Saturday, Jan 29th, 10:30am Sunday, Jan 30th, 11:30am The "Why buy a building?" Q&A time will begin with a church tour I will give, exploring the connection between church architecture, history, and the Bible. Come and see the Gospel story unveiled in wood and stone! Father Matt p.s. - Please read Revelation 11:1-13 before you come to church Sunday... And there is no Sunday school for kids this Sunday. Julia is hoping to start next week. Thank you for prayers and patience.

Interested in Confirmation?

Wondering what being confirmed even means?! Call Father Matt 206.953.4129 to find out about the Confirmation Tuesday night 7:00 - 8:30pm class, half-day retreat, and Bishop Ken's visit to our parish February 26-27.


Saint Jude's Landing

an update from Leah Dillman

I want to thank everyone at Trinity for their enormous generosity. Our congregation gives of themselves in many ways to lots of different causes in our community and beyond. This past Christmas, we had the opportunity once again, to share our blessings with families from St. Jude’s Landing.

Your generosity allowed us to buy Target and Wal-Mart gift cards for seven families! Many of them were home when Carson, Julia, and I went around to deliver the gifts. We had the joy of seeing faces, young and old, sometimes just one family member, sometimes the whole crew, and of taking a few minutes to chat with each person and hear a little about their stories. Everyone we were able to speak with was so grateful, especially the children, who impressed us with the genuine gratitude they expressed from their hearts.

Having the opportunities to put faces to names and stories to needs, we began to wonder how we might continue to connect and serve the community at St. Jude’s Landing. This is something we will continue to brainstorm this year and perhaps you can be praying with us about how we can further connect with and serve our South Wenatchee neighbors?

Again, thank you so much for being a generous congregation, your support made Christmas so much brighter for these vulnerable families in our community.


Newcomers Dinner // Friday February 4th

If you are new to our church in the last year, and haven't attended one of our newcomers dinners, we'd love to meet you and share stories around a dinner table at a host home in our parish.

Come meet other newcomers as well as one of our pastors and staff members, and take one of the first steps in your path to belonging at Trinity Church.


Key Info for Church this Winter

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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