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What is Drive-Thru Church?

Back in March, when COVID-19 made "regular" church impossible, most every church went online. But in a time of decreased face-to-face interaction, Drive-Thru Church is an effort to stay true to our mission statement:

Face to face with God, our neighbors, and ourselves in Christ.

Drive-Thru Church is held in our church parking lot each Sunday, featuring an abbreviated liturgy drawn from our regular Sunday service. Arrive anytime between 9-10:30am and go through a 3-part process, all without leaving your car. This has been modified several times since we started back in March, but right now, here's what you can expect.

The first station is worship. To start the service, our worship team leads your car through one song, giving you the lyrics so that you can sing along.

The second station is word & sacrament. Our pastors read from God's Word, deliver a (very!) short message, and then provide you with a take-home communion pack if you wish.

The final station is the kenyan declaration. If you don't know this part in the liturgy, we'll teach you! This is the time in our service where we throw all our problems, difficulties, and devil's lies to the cross of Christ, trusting Him to sustain us this week. It's also where we set and re-set our hope on the risen Christ.

Once you've finished, you roll through the alleyway, seeing neighbors to your left and right. Our prayer is that as you leave, you would be re-enlivened to give as you've received. To love as you've been loved...

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