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WBBC / Trinity's Connection to Ukraine

Dear Trinity, Almost 3 years ago—July 1, 2019—my wife and I sat down with a team of Ukrainian missionaries for dinner here in Wenatchee. I still remember the hospitality we received from Olga Rybakov and her family — the hand-shaped pierogies, the stories they shared of how the gospel was spreading in war-torn Ukraine through their ministries and churches, and the way they held our newborn Emerson to give us exhausted parents a break—at the time, he was just 8 weeks old. We happened to meet in Wenatchee, of all places, because of their longtime connection to the Brethren Baptists. WBBC has supported this missionary team for the last 8 years. Alex Zaytsev Jr. (whose sister is Olga, and whose parents actually attend WBBC) and Pastor Igor Tunik come back to Wenatchee about once a year to visit, preach, and share meals with the community here before being sent back to Ukraine to continue the work of ministry. I took a natural interest in them when they visited because of my Ukrainian background and my deep love of pierogies :) My grandmother on my father’s side is 100% Ukrainian. Her name was Olga Tokaryk. That makes my dad 50%, and me 25%. And so I wanted to know more about them, their work, and their story. And whenever anyone invites me over for authentic pierogies, like Alex Jr. did that one Sunday, I will move heaven and earth to be there. What we discovered that night was that Pastor Igor and Alex lead a team of missionaries and pastors in Eastern Ukraine. In addition to planting and pastoring churches and sharing the gospel in cities, towns and villages in many creative ways, they are also meeting many practical and spiritual needs of the Ukrainian people—young and old—through their ministries to orphanages, troubled teens, and the elderly. Their monthly newsletters are simply astonishing for the amount of deep gospel work they are doing. The lives they are touching. And the hope they are bringing to a war-torn country. And their commitment to their work amidst the current trials is sobering to witness. Olga Rybakov is a Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) here in Wenatchee and she runs the Wenatchee-based organization called Mission Voice and Hands of a Friend (Mission VHF), which exists to support this missionary team in Eastern Ukraine. 100% of the donations they receive go to these Ukrainian missionaries and gospel work. Here’s just one excerpt from Olga’s recent update that moved me to tears because of the level of commitment Alex has for Christ and His Gospel: Pastor Igor's family, my brother Alex and about half of the missionary team are staying strong and said that they are not abandoning their churches at this difficult time. I talked to Alex yesterday. He said that he is not going to leave until a full evacuation will be ordered by the Ukrainian military. This way he will be able to help with church family as they evacuate as well. He also said that God might need him to share the gospel with the people of Avdeevka in what might possibly be the last few hours of their lives on earth. If you want to get involved by supporting these missionaries with your presence, your prayers, a one-time gift, or an ongoing gift, please read on: Give your presence (Ukrainian Food @ Pybus Market this Saturday) Olga said just yesterday that, Lord willing, there will be a fundraising event at Pybus Market in Wenatchee, WA this Saturday, which will include Ukrainian-style food from Blue Skies Food Shack. ALL proceeds will be donated to our missionary team for their work in Ukraine. What: Ukrainian Food Fundraiser When: This Saturday from 11am-1pm Where: Pybus Market (outdoors) Give a one-time gift Trinity Church will be giving to these Ukrainian missionaries out of our global missions fund next Wednesday. If you’d like us to include your additional donation in that gift, please click below to give to our global fund and we will direct it to Mission VHF.

Give an ongoing gift

Please reach out to to get connected to Olga and this ministry directly.

Give your prayers

Please lift up to the LORD the names of these missionaries, spread around different parts of Ukraine. Watch this recent video interview from Alex, and/or read a prayer update from Olga that reads like the end of a modern Pauline letter, mentioning the names, places, and individual struggles of each person on their missionary team.

Here’s how Pastor Igor signed off on one of his most recent letters to the network of supporters (translated into English):

“May God's name be praised through our ministry,

and may the peace of God be with us.”

In Christ,


p.s. - another baby was born in our church family last week!

Haven Wylder Getzin,

son of Jordan & LeAnne Getzin.



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