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Trinity Camp Registration

Trinity Camp: "The Gospel & Politics"

This year's Trinity Camp sessions can be watched live on Zoom, by recording, or together at church. Whichever way you choose, please register below to help our staff get ready!

Please click the button below and then click "Join." Once you've completed the simple registration process, we'll be able to send you the links to attend each session. You don't have to register every week. Just complete this one-time process, and we'll send you everything you need for all 4 sessions!

*Note: You only need 1 registration per family

3 Ways to Watch

  1. LIVE...Thursday at 8pm Join us online each week on Zoom. Register HERE.

  2. On your own As early as Friday of each week, you can watch the recording here.

  3. Together at church Every Saturday night at 6:30pm, join others in our church for an in-person viewing of that week's Camp Session. This will be held at church in the sanctuary, watching the recorded session on the big screen, with live Q&A with Pastor Matt.

Saturday Nights at Church

6:30pm   Gospel & Politics      w/ Pastor Ken Robertson                                                    &  Live Q & A  (Pastor Matt Canlis) 7:30pm   Evensong RSVP here & this week BYOB (blanket!) :) 8:00pm   Church Walk              Join our youth on an outdoor stroll! Join us for any part or all three!


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