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This Sunday… Worship in the Parish

Dear Trinity,

As Nicole mentioned in church a few days ago, this Sunday is Worship in the Parish!

In our Diocese, we have a passion for mission in an Anglican context. But for us, it’s not about being Anglican. It’s about the Kingdom of God and His mission. Anglicanism is our context, but if we look outside in our valley, there are many good contexts in which people are worshipping the one true God.

So this coming Sunday, we invite you to find another church to visit, and see how God is moving there. The following Sunday, July 14th, we’ll share with each other about what we experienced!

P.S. - This is not a week off, it’s a week to go OUT!


Pilgrimage 2024 Wrap Up

Trinity’s recent pilgrimage from Wenatchee to Leavenworth began on the church lawn and ended on the banks of Icicle Creek.  It encompassed thirty-four miles and spanned five-days.  Over fifty Trinity congregants walked together in various groups.  The weather was splendidly cool.  The route offered pilgrims dramatic new vistas of a well-known valley.  But more importantly, it offered pilgrims dramatic new vistas into their souls.

Trinity: look forward to another local pilgrimage next year when again the sun’s light reaches its apex.  In this simple act of walking together, in Christ, we better know God, our neighbor, and ourselves. 


George MacDonald Bookclub

Dear Trinity,

One month ago, I was in Wheaton at the four-day George MacDonald birthday bash with poetry, theatre, lectures, shared meals, rare book displays, concerts, and more. You would have loved it. My highlights were the concert featuring music composed to George MacDonald’s (endless) poems, the Malcolm Guite lecture on MacDonald, and Chapman starring as the gangly prince in the Light Princess. Here is the paper that I gave called “Throwing Pebbles at Granny: George MacDonald on Calvinism and Soul-Schism.”

I called it “Throwing Pebbles at Granny” which is a play on that spectacular scene in the book that we at Trinity are reading together, Robert Falconer. If you haven’t started, please join us – our gathering is the last Sunday of July. Here is the link to the book or to the free audiobook (best if you download the phone app). Robert Falconer is the most beloved novel by MacDonald, as well as the most autobiographical, where we are given a sneak peak into a boyhood very similar to MacDonald’s. In one scene, a very (Federal) Calvinist grandmother burns her grandson’s violin because it was leading him into pleasure and delight. The similarities are striking: it was MacDonald’s own Grandmother (who helped raise him after his mother’s death) who burned not MacDonald’s, but his father’s violin, in his father’s childhood. And yet … MacDonald does not condemn her, but sees her as stunted by her own impoverished theology. He urges us to see her as a whole, though wrong-headed, person who is still characterized by generosity. My title (above) plays on MacDonald’s self-declared ambition to not throw stones at others, even others who are spectacularly wrong. This gives you a small insight into the beauty of this novel, and I urge you to read it and join us – having read it or (shhhh – not read yet!) 

Looking forward to reading and discussing with you! Julie


Evensong 2024-2025

While Evensong takes a break for the summer, we're scheming and dreaming about next year's ensemble. Are you interested in singing with us for the 2024 - 2025 season September through June? We are in need of committed, musical women to join the ensemble.

We typically practice once a month for the monthly service so some ability to read music and ensemble experience is helpful. If you are interested in singing with us, please let me know so that I can follow up with more details. Call/text: (206)354-2947.

-Hannah Pick


We're Hiring!

Newcomers and Teams Lead

With our growing church, we have needed a growing staff to care for and nurture the good people and good things happening here at Trinity. Want to join our team? We are hiring for a new position - Newcomers and Teams Lead.

The Newcomers & Teams Lead will be responsible for the first 6 months of a person’s journey here at Trinity. In addition to this, they will oversee some of our ministry team leads and volunteers. 

  • Are you gifted at welcoming newcomers (not just at Day 1, but for the first 6 months)?

  • Do you have a vision for how this could be improved at Trinity?

  • Do you enjoy seeing teams and leaders operate effectively, and are you willing to actively recruit for open spots in ministry teams?

Interested in this job? Or know someone?

Reach out to Guy Evans: or 509-670-3608.


Summer at a Glance

  • June 23 - Aug 18ONE Service for the Summer at 9am

  • July 7 - Worship in the Parish Each Summer, we take one Sunday off from our own church in order to visit other churches in the valley and see what God is doing in our parish.

  • July 28 @ 6:45pm - George MacDonald Book Club

  • Aug 11 @ 10:30am - Baptism Sunday at Ingalls Creek Interested in being baptized? Contact one of our pastors, Matt: 206-953-4129 ... or Carson: 509-881-7737

  • Aug 25 - Resume two services at 8:30 & 9:45am

  • Aug 25 - Congregational Meeting

  • Sept 6-8 - Church Camp at Tall Timber


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email for us to review before posting.

  • Advanced Home Health & Hospice could use a few volunteers, individuals who could sit with hospice patients to talk to them, read to them, and simply keep them company. If interested, please contact David Kopp at 509-415-5603 or  

  • There are new updates to Jill Gentry's health journey at her Go Fund Me. Included there is the opportunity to give financially. The Gentrys have reached a point where financial assistance would help keep all the paths toward healing through traditional or alternative medical care open.  

  • Trinity families, are you looking for fun places to play this summer? Mountain Sprouts Children's Community, nature-based program in Leavenworth, has open play every Friday morning in the 'backyard' (outdoor play area behind the preschool barn) from 9am - 12pm through August 16. The environment is best suited for toddler & preschool age kids, but older/younger siblings are welcome to join in play. No registration or payment required, no affiliation with Mountain Sprouts is necessary. Questions? visit or contact Hannah Pick:


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