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This Old Church - Part 4

THIS OLD CHURCH - An Origin Story - Part 4

By Guy Evans

This article is the last in a series that chronicles the origin story of our church building.  Check out the previous articles online if you’ve missed a chapter:  1907-19291930-19671968-1989.

Today we explore the final chapter that begins in 1990 with the creation of the current professional annex to the north side of the historical church.  

CHAPTER FIVE -  New Entrance and Office

The 1968 remodel created a new northern entrance to the narthex.  The work included building a concrete ramp (the one we still use today) to offer wheelchair access to the narthex and sanctuary.  

But the ramp and adjoining stairs were outside under a simple awning.  Leaves and snow blew through in season.  And cars often travelled quickly through the alley very near the awning entrance.  A more protected and inviting entrance off of the parking lot was desired.  

Additionally, as heating costs rose, the Brethren Baptists wrestled with the cost of keeping the entire church at comfortable temperature through the week.  At the time, there wasn’t an effective way to heat just the church offices.

Building a professional annex to the side of the historical church would provide a solution to both the office and entrance challenges.  The Brethren pastor and team would enjoy a comfortable work space and the church would have a proper main entrance off the alley.  

The plan also included exterior landscaping that would reroute the alley traffic away from the new church entrance.  And, it proposed changes to the interior of the historic church to improve pedestrian flow.

This final change, shown above, unfortunately was never enacted.  This remodel would have replaced the current “two door” north entrance with a single set of double doors.  Additionally, the walls leading from the new double doors would have flared out into the narthex to create a more spacious and welcoming entrance.

CHAPTER SIX - A New Elevator and Air Conditioning

Eleven years after the completion of the professional annex, the Brethren Baptists recognized a need for an elevator.  There was no way for those in wheelchairs to access the basement and second floors.  And, with an aging congregation, the Brethren recognized the value of a lift for transporting supplies between the floors.

A location in the church was identified that met required design criteria and in 2001, Ability Development Inc, from Snohomish, WA installed the current elevator at Trinity.  

One of the final improvements made to the church building came around the arrival of Trinity in 2010.  “Mini-split ductless” heating and cooling systems were installed in the sanctuary as well as the Trinity offices.  

This mini-split technology was first developed by Mitsubishi in Japan in 1959.  It enjoyed widespread use in Japan for decades, but wasn’t introduced to the United States until the early 2000’s.  


In conclusion, this old church at the corner of Okanogan and Peachy stands as a testament to God’s faithfulness.  For over four generations, it has cradled the Brethren and later, the Brethren-Baptist, congregations.

It has cradled their members as they have walked through the highs and lows of life.  Births, baptisms, marriages, departures, divorces, death – all have been witnessed within its walls.  And all have been made whole in Jesus with the setting of each new communion table.

And now, this old church stands as an example of God’s generosity.  Trinity Church was gifted this church from the Brethren Baptist, with their only requirement being the same that Peter made of Paul, “Remember the poor.”

And so, in conclusion, we pray that God may continue to lead both the Brethren Baptists and Trinity in Christ as His body.  

May we steward well this building.  

May we love well our neighbors and the poor.  

And may we always remember the risen Christ –

our Good Shepherd –

standing at our side throughout.


Follow-up From Jami Campbell on the Alaskan Church Building

Speaking of building updates... here's one from our very own Jami Campbell, following up from the day we wrote congratulatory letters to the church she pastored in Alaska.

Hi Trinity, a couple months ago, the newspaper in Alaska did a news article about the village deed repatriation. I wanted to share it with you because I appreciate that Trinity celebrated this by writing congratulatory letters to the Klukwan Church. Thank you! 

- Jami Campbell


Trinity 101 Class

Trinity 101 Class

  • Last 3 Wednesdays in January @ 6-7:30pm

  • Why do we make being “face to face” and “in Christ” such a big deal?

  • How do liturgy and the church calendar help us practice the gospel?

  • What does it mean to be God’s child and a part of the priesthood of all believers?

Come to Trinity 101 where we will explore the pieces that make Trinity...Trinity.  And expect to have fun doing it!


The Unutterable Preciousness of an Ordinary Day

Last year, Julie gave several “liturgical pop-ups” throughout the year as we walked through the Christian Calendar. If you missed these talks, or simply want to learn more about the church calendar and why we observe it, Julie is currently writing a monthly article for the Archbishop of Canterbury in a new publication called “Seen & Unseen.”

We're currently in the season of Epiphany, which shares the color green with Ordinary Time. What's Ordinary Time all about? And how can we wake up to everyday wonders all around us?

Julie writes: "No day can be a 'time out' from the supernatural. Every day is now holy. And this is the riot of Ordinary Time."


Looking to Get Involved?

One great way to get involved at Trinity is by joining a volunteer team.  As the new year starts up, we are sharing some volunteer needs in the church and invite you to see if you and your giftings might be a good fit for any of the teams. Our vision is to have everyone participate in the life of the church by being on a team, using their gifts!

The first 6 months of everybody's journey at Trinity Church starts with learning to rest as God's beloved child. If you've passed that 6-month mark and aren't on a ministry team yet, we invite you to fill out the form below.  This will start a conversation around matching your gifts/desires with the church's needs.


George MacDonald Book Club Reminder

If you are finding What's Mine's Mine to be a long read, Julie would like to remind you that the free audiobook is available on Librivox.


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email for us to review before posting. 

  • Want to buy a house next to the church?  The house next door to the church is for sale.  See the listing here.

  • Women of Trinity, do you crave wisdom, connection, and community? Me, too! That's why I've invited seven senior women to share with us what they have learned along the way. Please join me for an evening of The Seasoned Soul. February 23 at 6:30 pm in my living room, right across from church (524 Okanogan). There are only 12 spots available, so please text me at 509-670-6795 if you'd like to join. ~Anni Evans


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