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The Path to Confirmation

Dear Trinity...

This is the letter our Confirmands are reading to prepare for their retreat this weekend. But I want all of you to read it in the hope that some of you will join in next year's Confirmation process. When you finish, please take a moment to pray for Bishop Ken, 10 teenagers, 6 elders, and for all of us to keep discovering what it means to be the BODY of Christ at Trinity.

Dear Confirmands, Eastertide 2021

Did you know that’s what you are called? Last Sunday I said confirmation is partly about you confirming your faith in God, but even more about God confirming his faith in you. His faith in you started before you were born, when God imagined who you would be, then knit you together in your mother’s womb, and brought you out into the world with a cry that first filled your lungs. So too in your baptism were you brought through water, rising to “inhale” the Holy Spirit, who initiates our new life in Christ. And now as adults you are choosing “exhale” words confirming your faith in the God who first believed in you.

The 7 questions below are what Bishop Ken will ask you on May 30th, and the answers are echoes of words you heard at your baptism, but now speak out loud before your wider church family. Then you will again get to listen to the words, music, and prayers being said around you - and for you. You will need to pick 2 people to be your prayer team. This can be a family member, friend, or mentor. The only people you don’t need to pick are me, McAlister, and Lauren as we will be ‘prayer floaters’ that night already praying for you as you wait for Bishop Ken to pray for you individually.

Remember not to bring any expectations, but do grow in expectation!

And listen to how your Confirmation questions echo your baptism...

Where are you?

Here we are.

Do you turn away from sin and turn toward the love of God?

I do.

Do you reject Satan’s lies?

I do. His words are empty promises.

Do you trust the Word of God?

I do. His word became flesh.

Do you turn to Jesus Christ and name him as your LORD and Savior?

I do. Jesus is LORD.

Do you entrust your life into the hands of God?

I do. I trust God’s pierced hands.

Will you obey God’s commands and walk in the way of the LORD?

I will, the LORD being my helper.

Upcoming Dates


After the 9:15am service, join us for a mini-pilgrimage / sending to Methow Park for some fellowship time over coffee and donuts.

May 30: Trinity Sunday w/ Bishop Ken ( + Confirmations in the Evening)

Bishop Ken Ross will be preaching at our services on May 30th. In the evening from 6-7:30pm, he will be confirming 18 people. Because there are so many friends, family, and supporters of the Confirmands attending this service, we have already reached our size capacity for the sanctuary. We wish we could have everyone here!


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