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  • Julie Canlis

St. Nicholas Play this Sunday, and a Call to Give in the Same Spirit!

Who is Saint Nicholas?

Dear Trinity, In the late 200s, a man became a bishop of a small town in Turkey through a very strange circumstance. The local bishop had died, and the priests decided to pray that the one to walk in through the church door next would be his successor: this is how Nicholas became Bishop (and later “St. Nicholas"). The priests could have done a lot worse - for Nicholas was already renowned for being the "real deal.” As a teenager, Nicholas' parents had died, leaving him a fortune which he slowly (and secretly) dispersed. Later, under the persecutions of Diocletian, he was imprisoned and tortured, but never recanted. He was famous for helping the poor, particularly one wealthy man who had lost everything in a shipwreck, and was being forced to sell his daughters into prostitution to cover his debts. (This story is considered not just legend, but true!) At night, Nicholas slipped small sacks of gold coins into the girls' shoes, which were kept outside the door. When the Father attempted to catch Nicholas in his act of stealthy charity, Nicholas threw the last bag of coins through the window - and they landed in one of the girls' stockings that were drying in front of the fire. (That part may not be true - but it makes for a good story, and has a lot to do with why we hang stockings in front of our fireplaces!) And despite the fact that I was taught that we give Christmas gifts because the wisemen gave gifts to Jesus, it is actually St Nicholas' love of gift-giving and the poor that determined this Christmas tradition - for his "Saints Day" is Dec 6th. And in this spirit of selfless giving, Trinity Church, we invite you to take part in supporting families that are in need this year, both at St Jude's Landing and also in our community. Last year you blew St. Jude's away with your generosity to families in crisis, who don't have enough for food — let alone gifts. And this year, Leah Dillman will share with us another opportunity to bless those in need (see below). Julie


St. Jude's Letter from Leah Dillman

It’s so hard to believe that here we are . . . at the beginning of another Advent, another Christmas, the cusp of another new year – and our third season raising money to support families in need in our Parish. It seems like every year we have difficult circumstances to contend with. Last year we were still in the thick of the pandemic, this year we are facing the hard fact that Christmas will be about 8% more expensive than it was in 2021! However, I am always the most inspired in my faith when the Church rises to her feet in times of trouble and rushes to envelope, protect, and bind the wounds of a world in constant need of compassion. Trinity has answered Jesus’ call to ‘love our neighbors’ in so many beautiful ways these past few years. Many of you might remember that …


Kids & Families: Saint Nicholas Play This Sunday

This Sunday we will be celebrating St. Nicholas day! During the Godly Play time in the 9:45 service, the kids are invited to go DOWNSTAIRS to the Fireside Room for a St. Nicholas play. After service, at 11, we will head back downstairs for cookie decorating. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come, especially if you have young children.

Advent Blessings!

PS - If you would like to make a $15 donation to offset our craft expenses for Advent activities, there will be a basket downstairs ($15 per family is a one-time donation to cover 4 weeks of activities). Thank you!


Coming Up...

Global Missions Meeting - Thurs, Dec 8

Come join us again as we continue to learn about our missions connections at Trinity. We will be meeting in the church office on Thursday, Dec 8 at 6:15pm. Come prepared to share about your current personal missions connections!

Lessons & Carols, Christmas Eve Choir

Calling all singers (especially the men)! Our Lessons & Carols service is happening again this Christmas Eve at 11pm. Would you like to sing in the choir? Please inquire with Violet Madson at (509) 669-9940. There will be four rehearsals: three after the next three Sunday 2nd services (11am), and one just before the evening concert.

Advent Decor Donations Needed

Do you have a Christmas Tree stand for a large, hefty tree, that you could donate, or lend to the church? We also would like it if anyone has any fake poinsettias (white or red) that they would like to donate, but only if they are in pots already (looking like potted plants). Please text Megan Mott at (509) 293-0421.


Key Info for Church this Fall

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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