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  • Julia Barger

Small Miracles Summer Recap

Church this Sunday is at Tall Timber Ranch!

Address: 27875 White River Road, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Time: 9:30am

We invite those coming only on Sunday to stay for Brunch afterward!

($7 per person)

Small Miracles Summer Recap

Dear Trinity Family,

We are in the home stretch of summer and I wanted to share about the Small Miracles lunch program at Methow Park. For seven years Trinity Church has partnered with Small Miracles to serve lunches to children at the park. This summer seemed particularly special. When we asked for help your response was AMAZING! Over six weeks around 30 volunteers ages 6 - 60+ paired up to spend a few hours at the park Monday - Thursday. Whether serving one time or once each week, we enjoyed being face to face with each other, our parish neighbors and the Lord!

As the weeks passed we learned one another's names and stories. Regular visitors became friends. Some highlights from the summer were getting to know the children, being a part of a larger community outreach program and getting to know each other. We met the neighborhood "Auntie", Graciella, who made sure everyone received lunches around the park. It was wonderful working with Ezekiel & the Small Miracles organizers who loaded our cars and delivered extra lunches when we ran out.

Some of the volunteers wanted to learn a little Spanish so along with serving lunches on Mondays, Ingalls Creek interns, Meredith Navarro and Isaac Price, started a weekly conversational Spanish group to help us communicate with our new friends. By week five, seven brave folks risked trying to speak in a new language. We hope to find a new teacher to continue the lessons.

The number of children coming for lunch grew over the six weeks . Even in the 100 degree weather we handed out over 30 lunches. For those serving regularly, the final week of Small Miracles was bittersweet. And now we wonder how we might continue to spend time with our new parish friends. Will you pray with us as we discern how we might continue to be face to face with our neighbors? I wonder what will be the next chapter in this sweet story of friendship?

Giving Thanks,



Let’s Prepare to Welcome Matt and Julie Back Home!

Hello Trinity family! The Canlises plan to come home in about 4 weeks!! To help welcome them home we will be putting together a gift basket in which we would love for you to consider contributing, but please feel no pressure.

Appropriate things for the gift basket could be:

- letters, notes, prayers, hand drawn or painted pictures, words of encouragement and welcome.

- gift cards for places to eat in town to re-aquaint them with Wenatchee and ease the transition

- home made jams, ect. to make them feel welcome

If you would like to take part you can bring your gift to church any Sunday from now until the end of August. There will be a box to put your gift in at the welcome table in the foyer. If you have any question feel free to reach out to Lauren Leith at


Scripture: 2 Samuel 9 Chapter: Chapter 16: Love — David and Mephibosheth Preacher: Terry Fike

Chapter 7 finds David laying plans to leave a God-honoring legacy. But does the Lord really need our help to come up with ideas on how to make His name great? And what effects do our efforts to be remembered after our death have on our souls right now? Let us sit and consider what the Lord has done so we can discover what He is doing and receive, rather than anticipate, what He will do next.

Service Times: 9:30 at Tall Timber Ranch


Congregational Meeting August 21 @ 6pm

Come enjoy some dessert with our staff and leadership as we look back together at the past year and forward to the coming one. Topics we plan to cover:

  • Vision

  • Stories from this past year

  • Finances

  • Building

  • Fall small groups

  • Matt’s return

  • How to get plugged into community at Trinity

  • Open Q&R (Question & Response)

This evening will be live-streamed for those who cannot attend.


August Evensong August 28 @ 6pm

Come join us for Evensong in August, where the girls will sing, followed by a time of sharing from their pilgrimage to the UK. 6:00pm - Evensong sung service 6:30pm - Testimonies, stories and photos from the Evensong Pilgrimage to the UK.


Key Info for Church this Summer

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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