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Side by Side Camp

Dear Trinity Church Family,

What a month!  August was full of rich and challenging teaching by Pastor Ken Robertson, comforting worship at Evensong, and nourishing fellowship at Backyard Church.  Trinity Church staff and Vestry worked around weekly changes from Governor Inslee to discern next steps for our church.  Many of you scrambled to navigate education options when schools announced they would  meet online this fall.  Others faced financial challenges as unemployment benefits reduced dramatically.  Some have had personal crisis adding to an already difficult season.  In the midst of all of this, a door opened for Trinity Church to help CVCH essential workers with limited childcare options . . .

Side by Side Camp

A safe space for K-5 students to attend live online classes. Sponsored by Trinity Church WHEN M-F 7:45 am - 12:15 pm starting Fall 2020 WHERE Wenatchee Brethren Baptist Church (535 Okanogan Ave) WHO CVCH essential workers who have limited childcare options WHAT Classroom space, wifi and classroom helpers to ensure students attend live online classes along with providing activity breaks and a healthy snack. Side by Side Camp will follow Covid-19 guidelines & child safety practices. Will you consider joining this "short term mission" right under our roof to 7 (and maybe more) children in significant need?  We need 9 more Classroom helpers (and a handful of subs) ASAP. 

A Journey of Faith and prayer and working together because Christ has no body but ours . . .

Side by Side camp has been a story of how "the state" and "the church" can work together for what Pastor Ken calls "the Common Good" of our community.  It is a real life picture of the vision Pastor Ken presented for how politics and the Gospel can co-labor to point people to the hope of Jesus' coming kingdom.

Here's what this looked like on the ground:

  • The State Youth and Child services representative advises we offer a three month camp minimizing regulations.

  • The Childcare lead at the YMCA offers direction and resources from their program.

  • Teachers share advice about classrooms and students. 

  • Our insurance agent assures liability coverage for SBS camp.

  • Volunteers to provide snacks and tech support (Contact Leah Dillman @ (442) 226-0294‬ if you would like to join the Snack team!)

  • A generous offer to nightly sanitize the building.

  • WBBC blesses the idea and helps with building preparation.

  • Pastor Matt and Pastor Carson offer to be Classroom Helpers for the first week camp.

  • Trinity sends out letter to other churches in the Valley, offering to help them set up their own SBS camps

As you can see, Side by Side camp has been a HUGE GROUP EFFORT!

Many of these partners responded with, "We are so thankful the church is helping at such an important time!"  When we sent a letter to CVCH, their hearts were deeply moved by our invitation to partner with them as they serve our community.  "Yes! We need help!" they exclaimed. 

This week will be a flurry of preparing learning spaces, connecting with participants, and finding more Classroom Helper volunteers. 

Side By Side Camp launches at 7:30 am on September 8th.  Pastor Matt, Pastor Carson and I will be the Classroom Helpers the first week.  Sarah Duffey will be our morning Covid 19/Safety Liaison.  Together we will fine tune our protocols to ensure we have the safest and best practices for volunteers and students.   We covet your prayers!

Please consider joining this "short term mission" right under our roof to children/families in significant need!    Classroom helper volunteers begin September 14th.  We need more Classroom helpers (and a handful of subs) ASAP. 

I wonder how God will use the next three months?  Sarah Duffey has said that for such a time as this, we are called to be Christ's hands and feet to those in our midst.  I wholeheartedly agree!

In Joy,


P.S. - I have to share one link!

  • Neighborhood Racetrack -  I love this little story of how a man who could have been angry or annoyed chose creativity to bring joy to his neighbors.


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