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Recovering Do-er? Check this out…

Practicing the Way: Sabbath Small Groups

By Guy Evans

Dear Trinity Church,

I am a recovering Do-er.

You know the definition: someone always on-the-go, someone juggling more balls than seems possible (or wise), someone who’s worth is defined by performance.

And I am a juvenile Be-er.

Be-er: Someone who knows their identity in Jesus. Someone who knows that God is “well pleased” with them just because they are alive.

Let’s face it. We live in a Do-er culture. We are rewarded at every turn for performance.

But it leads to such hurry, such stress – and in my personal case, a string of wrecked marriages. I don’t want you to go there.

That’s where Sabbath comes in. Most of us need to relearn how to Be. Most of us need to relearn the feeling of deep rest.

We are fortunate to have John Mark Comer and his band of merry Be-ers as guides. They have crafted a four-week series on the ancient practice of Sabbath.

“Oh, Great!” you say, “Another thing to do.” No, not really.

You are already breathing, eating, and sleeping, right? Sabbath helps transform each of these mundane acts (and more) into rich and joy-filled events. All you need to do is stop.

Curious? I encourage you to join a small group this winter. Four nights. Four meals together. And four opportunities to practice Sabbath. Take it from me, a recovering Do-er: you’ll be glad you did.

- Guy Evans


Coming Up

  • Congregational Meeting // Jan 22 from 5-6:15pm: More info

    • If you don’t want to come for the content, at least come for the cookies & coffee :)

  • Baptism Class // the next one is Tues, Jan 24: RSVP

  • Parenting Conference // Jan 27-28: Sign up (3 days left to register!)

  • Church Restoration Follow-up // Feb 1: More Info

  • Newcomers Dinner // Feb 11: RSVP

  • Date change: Marriage Tune-Up is now March 17-18


Reminder to All Parents

We love that Trinity Church is growing, and we want to continue to be a safe and hospitable place. Here's how you can help!

1. Please remain downstairs during fellowship after the 9:45 am service and avoid the Narthex behind the Sanctuary to respect WBBC's worship time.

2. Children should always be under adult supervision.

At the congregational meeting on January 22nd, we are excited to share more of our vision for our whole church family working together to ensure we all practice child safety while at church and in our community.


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