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  • Carson Leith

Please Pray...

Dear Trinity Church,

Would you join me in pausing for a moment of prayer for our parish and for our church? As COVID cases rise and hospital staff grow weary, please join me in praying these prayers from the Book of Common Prayer:

For our city, in times of distress:

Increase, O God, the spirit of neighborliness among us, that in peril we may uphold one another, in suffering tend to one another, and in homelessness, loneliness, or exile befriend one another. Grant us brave and enduring hearts that we may strengthen one another, until the disciplines and testing of these days are ended, and you again give peace in our time; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For our Vestry:

Almighty and everliving God, source of all wisdom and understanding, be present with those who take counsel in Trinity Church for the renewal and mission of your Church. Teach us in all things to seek first your honor and glory. Guide us to perceive what is right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please pray specifically...

1. Please pray for our Vestry members by name: Charlie Atkinson, Rachel Madson, Jim Clifton, Kay Andreini, Chris Millheisler, and incoming members Perry Azevedo and McAlister Buchanan. Our annual Vestry retreat, which was scheduled for this weekend, is now postponed until March. Pray that the Spirit of wisdom would be upon these men and women as they (1) give counsel to Father Matt as he and the staff lead the various ministries and initiatives of the church, and (2) give oversight to our Building and our Budget.

2. To date, we haven’t had a building to oversee! But as you know, that may change in the next few months, as we continue to move along in the process of purchasing the building from the Brethren-Baptists.

3. We’re also seeking to add another person to our staff team this year, and we need God’s wisdom as we walk into the future together.

4. Alongside all of this, we are also planning for Matt’s Sabbatical this summer, which we are praying not only brings restoration for Matt, but flourishing and growth for all of us at church.

See you Sunday, Carson+ p.s. - to practice "the spirit of neighborliness" mentioned above, you might consider joining the meal train for Ron and Leah Cole, who recently welcomed their new child, Hazel Elaine, into the world!


This Sunday

Parking is Improved: Please Read To Save Yourself Time on Sunday!

Our parking lot is in a LOT better shape this week (pictured above), with more parking spots available and much safer walking conditions.

  • If you’re attending the 8:30am, please park at Colonial Vista, if able. They have ample parking and it’s right across the street from church. This will help reduce the jamming up in between services.

  • If you’re coming to our 9:45am service, please allow for some extra time to park and make it into the building. To save yourself some time, you might consider going straight to the Colonial Vista parking lot.


Sunday School Postponed

Watch email for new start date!

We are thankful to offer classes during BOTH worship services starting Jan 23rd.

*8:30 am service will offer 1 Godly Play class PK - 5th grade *9:45 am service will still offer 4 Godly Play classes PK4 - K 1st & 2nd 3rd & 4th Beatitude Kids 5th & 6th

You will need to choose ONE service time your children will attend Sunday School. (Note - children can attend Sunday School at either service, not just the service your family attends). Please register below by Thursday, January 20th For more information about our Sunday School program, please contact Julia Barger ( or see our Website for details.

P.S. - Nursery Update! Do you enjoy being with 3 year olds? We have several who would love to be in a structured class during the 9:45 am nursery. Curriculum and supplies are all provided. Please contact Julia Barger if you are interested or want more information.


Newcomers Dinner // Friday February 4th

If you are new to our church in the last year, and haven't attended one of our newcomers dinners, we'd love to meet you and share stories around a dinner table at a host home in our parish.

Come meet other newcomers as well as one of our pastors and staff members, and find out how you can take the next step in your path to belonging at Trinity Church.


Key Info for Church this Winter

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE

- Watch past services on YouTube

- Listen to Sermon audio


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