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  • Matt Canlis

New Sermon Series

Dear Trinity Church,

The last two Sundays have witnessed something powerful at Trinity Church. At the Baptism at Ingalls Creek last week, four mothers’ testimonies, and fathers handing over their infants or leading their sons into the water all spoke of the Spirit’s leading us out of fear into faith.

Two weeks ago in church we watched The Bible Project video: "The Way of the Exile” exploring what it means to be faithful witnesses to God in troubled times. Many of you then spilled out onto the grass to discuss the question of what a Christian witness looks like in America today. I rejoiced to see people with different ideas being truthful about their convictions, but full of grace in their posture toward each other. Such robust discussion, humility, and laughter is itself a witness to the world! I marveled to see the Spirit’s fruit of love, joy, peace, patience and kindness flourishing in Christ’s Body.

Do you remember last year before the presidential election when we asked Pastor Ken Robertson to speak to our church about politics? It seemed like a dangerous topic, but again the Spirit led us in truthful, graceful discussions that kept landing in the One who John 1:14 describes as being FULL of grace and FULL of truth: Jesus Christ. I think it’s time to take a similar risk.

Beginning this week and continuing through November, we are starting a new sermon series that feels like I did stepping out into the rushing waters at Ingalls Creek onto slippery rocks, and then asking parents to give me their children! Can you guess what slippery book of the Bible we are about to wade into? A clue is that it was edited out of Bibles printed for American slaves in the early 1800’s. Your other clue is that it could be the most misunderstood and hotly debated book of the Bible.

Come this Sunday to begin a sermon series which promises to be as surprising and provocative as Jesus was, is, and always will be. And let’s pray we continue to listen to what the Spirit is saying to our churches, so that we both become like - and bear witness to - Jesus Christ!

With fear and trembling – but even more JOY!

Pastor Matt

RSVP for Church this Fall

For 10 Sundays (from Sept 19 - Nov 21), we are asking you to commit to either the 8:00am or 9:15am service.

Your commitment will help us establish much needed consistency for our volunteer teams. And we also believe it will help you do two things:

  1. to know and be known

  2. to create space to invite your neighbor to come to Trinity


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