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  • Carson Leith

New 9am Service: This Sunday Only

Baptism Sunday

Dear Trinity,

This Sunday, we will have ONE combined service at 9am!

We have several people getting baptized at this 9am service. And to celebrate this unique occasion, we’re going family style by getting together all at once – just like we do in the late summers with our river baptisms.

Please note that there will be no Godly Play this Sunday. However, we will have Nursery available for about 20 minutes during the middle of the service for children ages 1-4.

For those of you with kids who usually go to Godly Play, it’ll be an adjustment for you and your kids to be together all throughout the service. So even though we think this day will be pretty engaging for people of all ages, we wanted to give you the heads up so that you can prepare.

So again - 9am 9am 9am - that’s the new time for this Sunday!

Just ONE service.

All month long, we’ve been learning about baptism and identity.

Now is the time to witness it happening right before our eyes.

And to participate in remembering our own baptism.

See you there!


P.S. - If you’ve got your child in Godly Play, don’t miss this letter from Julia Barger that was just sent out to all the families!


Marriage Tune-Up (March 17-18)

Every marriage gets stuck. Whether it’s continual tensions that create distance or conversations that are off-limits, we know what it’s like to feel frustrated at going nowhere.

Here’s some good news. There’s a way to get unstuck! And we’ve experienced it firsthand. Seven years ago, Lauren and I attended a “Marriage Tune-Up” with Dave & Nancy Harper, and our relationship has never been the same. We continue to use the tools we learned in order to get free from conversational jams and relational difficulties. And now, they are coming to Trinity to do the same for you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to grow the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted…


Lenten Small Groups

There are some incredible groups starting up during Lent. We hope you join one and journey through this season in community!


Coming Up

  • FONT BAPTISMS Sun, February 26 @ 9am only – ONE service!

  • EVENSONG Sun, February 26 @ 6pm

  • LENTEN SMALL GROUPS Join one here

  • ALPHA COURSE Starts Wed, March 15th Sign up

  • MARRIAGE TUNE-UP March 17-18 Register


Bulletin Board

If you have a personal need (like a job, or housing, etc.), an event you’d like to promote, or something you’d like our church body to be aware of, you can email carson@trinitywenatchee.orgfor us to review before posting.

  • Columbia Chorale Benefit Concert. TOMORROW: Friday, Feb 24 @ 7:30pm(Saddlerock Presbyterian Church). Proceeds go to Wenatchee Habitat for Humanity and Lighthouse Christian Ministries.

  • From Anni Evans: Church family, you are cordially invited to come see Gianna Hisey star as the White Rabbit in StageKids’ production of Alice in Wonderland! Her cast (B) performs the first weekend of March. Tickets are on sale now ($12 for adults, $10 for kids) at

  • From Linda Congdon: This year, I published my first book, Planted by Love. It is my story of being given up at birth and adopted. It is available as a paperback or on Kindle. When I was a small child in the early 1950's, my adoptive parents read me a story book about a mother and father going to a special place and choosing a child to become part of their family. The emphasis of this story was that an adopted child was special because they were chosen, which is true. But I had no idea that half of the story was missing. Who were my natural parents and why was I given up? What was my story? I wouldn't even start asking those questions until I was 38, when I suddenly had the unsolicited thought, "you have a natural father." This thought would prove to be the key that the Author of my life would use to bring me in touch with my heart and my true story.


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