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Need Help Naming Your Dagger?

...Then join us for any or all of these upcoming events geared toward strengthening your relationships:

The Marriage Course

7 Wednesdays @ 7:30-9:00pm (Oct 20 - Dec 1)

The Marriage Course was developed in London by Nicky and Sila Lee for couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. The course equips couples with tools and techniques to keep the spark alive and stay connected. There is no group work and each couple’s conversations are completely private.

The Art of Confrontation

Monday, November 1 @ 5:30 - 8:00pm

Did you know that "confrontation" literally means "turning toward"? All of us need to be able to have a healthy confrontational conversation at one time or another. Sometimes it's a matter of simply saying "no" so we don't get overextended but sometimes it can be a more serious matter of ending abuse and pain.

In this one-night event at Trinity Church, we will be having dinner together, watching this workshop by boundaries expert Dr. Henry Cloud, and having a short time of Q&A. You'll be empowered to take the initiative in creating relationships that are honest, intimate, and fulfilling, and ending pain where you are being hurt.

$10 suggested donation per couple to cover cost of dinner

The Reconnect Marriage Workshop

February 11-12, 2022

SAVE THE DATE: February 11-12, 2022

We're so excited for this workshop together. It's going to be held at the church. Normally, if you were to go to Steve for one of these weekends onsite in Bellingham, it would cost you $200. But we are offering it for just $75 per couple! Please save the date for February 11-12, 2022 (that's a Friday evening and a Saturday morning until lunchtime). To get a flavor of what this weekend is all about, watch this VIDEO. Dr. Steve Call is the author of the book Reconnect, as well as a co-founder, along with his wife Lisa, of The Reconnect Institute, which is committed to offering insightful tools and resources to cultivate meaningful connection in marriages.

Steve and Lisa designed and now facilitate the extremely effective Reconnect Marriage Workshops, where couples are taught to understand and change dynamics that disrupt connection. Over the course of the weekend, you'll hear about story, attachment, conflict, shame, play, and how increased awareness and insight can lead us to deeper connection, healing and intimacy.


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