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May at a Glance + Path to Belonging

May at a Glance


May 2

  • At 12pm the Whitson's have invited anyone over to their place for lunch and Wiffle Ball! Bring plates and silverware for your family and food and/or drinks to share. They'll have a grill available. Address: 4540 Kelly Road, Monitor WA. Contact: Rachel (509) 885-6917

May 9

May 16


  • Stay tuned for plans for a mini-pilgrimage to Methow Park after church!

May 30: CONFIRMATION Sunday with Bishop Ken

  • Confirmation Service 6-8pm on Sunday


  • May 1 - Newcomers (2 more slots left: RSVP here)

  • May 15 - Small Group Leaders (More info coming soon)

  • May 21 or 22 - Confirmation BBQ (More info coming soon)


  • 3 Mondays in May @ 12:00-12:45 (RSVP here)

  • Join Pastor Matt on a guided tour of our church's neighborhood, and ask two questions about WHO you are in Christ, and WHERE you live…

RSVP for Sunday ( 8:00 & 9:15am )

*9:15 will be live streamed

Your Path to Belonging

This Sunday, Matt will be explaining the Path to Belonging during the service. We wanted to give you a *sneak peek* before Sunday.

Visit the "Path to Belonging" on our Website

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