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  • Matt Canlis

Mask Up This Sunday

Masks, Congregational Meeting, & Small Groups

The videos are linked within each group but in case you can't find them, here they are: Steve Voorhies Guy Evans Charlie Atkinson Julie Canlis


Dear Trinity,

Early this week I asked a dozen Trinity doctors, parents, and health care workers what to do about masks this Sunday. I wish you could all see the text-thread that followed. It is testimony to how it's still possible for people with differing personal opinions to have a lively discussion full of grace and truth!

Given that our hospitals are over-run with COVID patients, and our children are susceptible to the Delta variant, we are asking everyone to wear masks this Sunday (Aug 22), including those who are vaccinated. Next Sunday (Aug 29) masks will be optional because we are meeting outside for Backyard Church. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please call my cell at 206.953.4129. And if you have any encouragement from being united in Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any sharing in the Spirit, then make my joy complete . . . by giving thanks to our good Father! (and by reading the rest of Philippians 2: 1- 4)

See you this Sunday,

Pastor Matt


Congregational Meeting: Sunday, August 22 @ 8am

On Sunday, August 22nd from 8-9am in the church sanctuary, we will have our first Congregational Meeting since January of 2020! Everyone who attends Trinity is welcome to come.

Come join us as we present our annual financial report, and share the upcoming forecast of church-wide initiatives, challenges, and opportunities.

This meeting will also be privately LIVE STREAMED, so that you can watch it live (or at a later date), and call Pastor Matt or Pastor Carson with questions or ideas for the coming year.

Congregational Meeting

Date: Sun, August 22

Time: 8:00 - 9:00am

Location: Sanctuary

Who: Any current attender

Why: Present annual financial report; share upcoming forecast of church-wide initiatives, challenges, and opportunities.


August at a Glance

  • August 22: 8:00 am Congregational meeting - Worship service at 9:15 am

  • August 29: Backyard Church (9-10:30am) and Evensong (7pm)

September / October

  • Baptism Sunday - Sunday, September 12th - If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your children contact Pastor Matt for more information.


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