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  • Julia Barger

Lent Begins!

Dear Trinity Family,

"The Lord be with you." This is how we begin every Godly Play lesson until Easter. Then we say, "He is Risen!" all the way to Pentecost. I am looking forward to Easter more than usual this year. The past few years and the events of the past week in Eastern Europe have increased my longing for the good news of the Resurrection. I am very ready for the relief and joy of the empty tomb and Jesus walking among us.

So, now it is time to "get ready". In Godly Play, we say Advent and Lent are seasons to prepare for the great mysteries of the Incarnation and the death and resurrection of Jesus. We need to get ready so we don't "miss the mystery"! The next 6 weeks have several Trinity Church activities to help us prepare to enter the mystery of Easter together. Please join us!

Over the years, Advent and Lent were seasons for our family to change our routines and connect around practices like lighting candles, reading devotions and helping others. Below are some resources to help you "get ready for Easter" at home.

40 Days of Wondering - Claudia Wiggins has been on the Godly Play team for several years. Each week, after telling the story, we ask questions like, "I wonder what part you like best, what part is most important and where you are in the story?". The children are so good at wondering! This Lent, Claudia shares her art and creative wonderings in 40 beautiful cards for your home. You are invited to take 40 days to pass around a card to inspire conversation about how God might invite you into wondering. Let your children help you, or even lead the way! Cards will be available at the church starting Ash Wednesday. Please take one per household :).

The Soil and the Seed - a special project of music and little liturgies

Observing Lent as a family - A helpful site with information and ideas for families.

A Sense of the Resurrection - This ebook has 12 ways to help us prepare for Easter using all our senses.

Lent - Contending for Shalom - Matthew 25 Initiative will be sharing daily reflections through 40 days of Anglican-informed, inspiring, beautiful, and theologically-robust engagement pieces — in the vein of the church's traditional disciplines of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

FLAME - lots of kid friendly ideas for observing Lent

Biola Lent Project - a daily online devotional with art, music, poetry and devotional.

Jesus in the Desert - a thoughtful music video/cartoon reflection about Jesus' 40 days in the desert.

Lent - a Spotify playlist by Art and Theology

Lastly, here's wonderful devotional shared by Restoration Anglican in Virginia called Rooted and Grounded in Love. You will need to adjust the dates for this year. Printed copies will be available at the church.

May the Lord bless your Lenten path,


PS - This week in Godly Play the children wanted to pray for the war in Ukraine. I like this resource by "Save the Children" to help with this difficult subject .

Ukraine & Kids - an article about how to talk with children about the war in Ukraine



  • TONIGHT @ 5:30pm // Shrove Tuesday Pancakes (RSVP)

  • TOMORROW @ 7pm // Ash Wednesday --> INFO

  • NEXT WEEK // Lenten Home Groups (JOIN)

  • MARCH 11-12 // Reconnect Marriage Workshop(REGISTER)

  • Fri, APRIL 1 // Newcomer's Dinner (kid friendly) (RSVP)


Next Week: Lenten Home Groups

*ZOOM Group added!

6-week Home Groups begin next week and guide us through Lent with a video by John Mark Comer about Jesus, Desire & Fasting, followed by simple good food and discussion. Participants watch the video beforehand and come to the home group for food and conversation. Starting the week of March 6 ending the week of April 10.


Reconnect Marriage Workshop (March 11-12)

UPDATE: Spots are still available for the marriage workshop!

We have five free registrations available for couples who need financial assistance! Please contact

Sometimes we feel stuck in our marriage relationship. But often, lasting change comes from a slight degree shift in our marriage dynamic. Just a slight shift! A new insight, a new awareness, or a new understanding can provide a subtle shift that leads to profound change over the course of our life together.

Dr. Steve and Lisa Call designed and now facilitate Reconnect Marriage Workshops, which invite conversations that promote insight, understanding, and healing in your marriage relationship. And they are bringing this workshop to us at Trinity Church!

Registration is now OPEN for the Reconnect Marriage Workshop. And we believe it's going to be the best $75 you've ever spent (includes coffee bar Sat AM and lunch on Sat). You can register today by clicking the blue button below. Don't wait! Experience hope and delight in the connection that God designed for your marriage.


Key Info for Church this Winter

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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