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Lament & Hope Night - This Sunday (after Evensong)

Dear Trinity,

WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR ANGER? How do we bless those who have hurt us this past pandemic year? How do we resolve the fracturing in our families, our friendships, our own heart?

This Sunday night, after Evensong (7-7:30pm), we will have a LAMENT & HOPE NIGHT (or what I like to call a "post-pandemic-ugliness detox") from 7:30-8:00ish. Our communion cup was (not un-symbolically) broken on Easter this year. We are using it as our way to grieve the brokenness between churches in the valley, between friends, and the brokenness in our own hearts.

BRING blankets & pillows (and pajama'd children) if you would like to curl up in candlelit corners during Evensong, or to write a Psalm of Lament and Hope afterwards.

BRING your honest self ready to wrestle with forgiveness and how to love your frenemies.

BRING empty hands because we will put a stone in them for you to carry throughout the service, and then to let it go as you remember your baptism on your way out the door.

BRING joy that Jesus desires to heal us and use our suffering as a part of his plan of our redemption, and to unify the church!

You will be able to just sit and listen to worship during this time, or wander through a number of prayer stations which will help you bring the devil's lies to the cross, and then set out hopes on the risen Christ. Kids will have an art corner, but also will be able to engage in pinning their sins to the cross, lighting a candle of forgiveness, and praying for churches in the valley. You will have the chance to pray near the broken cup for a church in the valley, using BCP prayers. If you are wrestling with doubt or discouragement over the church, we have a space for you as well.

This article is helpful in understanding some of the lines around which the American church is fracturing, and how the only Christian posture is to face our personal darkness and to see the image of God in others. Also, my friend David Taylor has blessed us with these 10 wonderful Beatitudes for Social Media. Post them in your kitchen or your kids' bathroom (or your own :).

Trinity, keep up the good fight (which is, above all, a fight with our own darkness). Lord have mercy! Bring your children or friends who might need this space as well. Hope to see you all there.

Julie & the Trinity Staff

Call to Prayer for a Youth Director

Would you like to get in on something that could have life changing implications for the young people of our church? It takes just a casual glance around the Trinity Church congregation to recognize that we have a whole lot of youth in our midst. It has become a major area of focus for the staff and Vestry to find a person who can provide leadership to this next generation.

So back to how you can be part of something life changing. PRAY – that’s right. The Vestry has resolved to pray every day for 40 days. This began back on September 15. Would you consider joining us?

If your answer is yes, set an alarm or reminder to pray each day through Sunday, October 24 for our young people (grades 7-12) and specifically for a person to lead them in their journey following Jesus.

We are not sure what or who God might have in mind, but we do know that He delights in us asking Him for his direction and provision. We are excited to see how God answers our corporate prayer on behalf of our kids!

Charlie Atkinson

Warden of the Vestry


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